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The Kaohsiung Maestro debate was recently held, Kuomintang candidate, South Korea, announced by Democratic Progressive Party, Chen Qimai, "Kaohsiung does not understand, the professional home is not." However, the Xie Hanbing media broke the news that Korea's performance in Yu was unsatisfactory, because he did not want to go. destroying "lip lip" by artist Sanli. In this regard, Hu Youwei, director of the Journalism Department at the Cultural University, said today that he was seeing a good mark of the selection of the Yoga Association of Europe from chaos, food basket. "Paste" is the first highest, the next month, not its guy. Its moon is clear, clear and clear, and It's the winning signal that will be selected to Kaohsiung! "

Hu Youwei said it's a bit to go to # 39; a climbing courtyard in the Yu Korean debate. It's not a difficult issue and it can not affect the performance of the debate. However, Sean Han said he had a pillow, which was a good sign. "Because the word" paste "is the highest one, there is a moon below, not to mention the old Korean phrase," Walk with his & # 39; moon? "Moon is hanging in the sky, the baby can slowly borrow a loan, and the road is clear and clear. This is the best choice!

In addition, Hu Youwei also sees Kaohsiung master's selection, chosen from the words "paste"! "Kaohsiung's summary is also the" upper "above Kaohsiung summary. In fact, he is a candidate related to the word" paste ". In addition to the high and Every month, this word is a city-related citizen of the moon. Who is chosen, who is related to the moon? Slow people follow the moon, and Lao Han will be selected! "

At the end, found that Hu Youwei had a & # 39; Keep out that this time, "the courtyard courtyard", used a sign to spread the message to everyone!

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