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Kuomintang Kaohsiung, the main candidate of South Korea Yu, last night in Fengshan to set up a party, Han's powder started on the previous night chart, and the stalls as well as early seats, at 9 tonight in the evening, the organizer announced that the number of people is over 120,000 People talk about her & her; South Korea in a speech, he believes that Kaohsiung's value is tolerant, even though the opponent is constantly shaking; shaking, shaken, not scared. His speech was incompatible with the chairman of his party, Wu Dunyi, who had done it; feeling very unsuitable. He also thought that the Democratic Party would have an Olympic degree in the last week. Make sure that you & # 39; believe and that he is supportive of him.

The full text of Europe's pipe is as follows:

Thank you, thank you for coming from Nantou, and I will assist you as a board member of the royal board, Xu Shuhua, and I will thank you. The shape of the heads is more beautiful than me, but my five senses, Mr Guo Zigan, are not grateful. We are very funny and funny. Shen Yulin, the hospitality of the service, also wants to thank you today, the old Yuan, Zhang Shanzheng Zhang Dean, the guests who came to visit Chen Yimin, chairman of Xie Longjie, and behind her -will of us, all our parties named, the best members, the best, and all the members.

Thanks to our famous Kaohsiung people today, we did not use an outdoor bus, we did not send enough, quite mobile, to Fengshan to take part in a grazing conference Yuèse, we are so enthusiastic, more than 100,000 people, Encourage yourself for your help.

Everyone, my people Kaohsiung, older brothers and brothers, a good night, everyone is Hakka, everyone is today, is a meeting of the Week. Gold, and the real test for over a year, South Korea in Kaohsiung, a non-stop running, an unexpected visit, a harsh debate, a statement with everyone, our vision from Kaohsiung, thank you for your commitment .

Every Taiwan is watching, and the whole world is in a position; look. Kaohsiung's choice, I think, when I say something to be sold, when people come in, when Kaohsiung makes a fort, one is more important and more important. That's the Kaohsiung value! We are making huge money as the aim, not the value of it; us. I want to share with us today, our Kaohsiung people, let us share, the value of Kaohsiung I see, this is 2.8 million people in Kaohsiung, it does not completely forget What is the greatest value We have Kaohsiung, what's the best and most beautiful, what Taiwanese people are who are doing? what we appreciate and appreciate; affecting our Kaohsiung people.

Kaohsiung's value is two words, passive people, Kaohsiung, always open their hands, enthusiastic, wherever you are; coming from Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung people are full of joy, capture you, we will watch Kaohsiung Town, Sunan Cheng, Wu Dunyi, Xie Changting, and Chen Ju, they are not Kaohsiung. We are looking at nine legislators at a & # 39; The Advanced Democratic Party. As well as one member of Lin Biaohua, who is Kaohsiung, and eight of them are not Kaohsiung, we are looking at Higher 2018. None of the four candidates in Kaohsiung were born. What does this mean? Our wife is an enemy party, Chen Qimai, also Malayis. What does this mean? Everyone can give Kaohsiung love and everyone loves Kaohsiung right?

We want to ask the people now to the future. We need to understand our value, that is, patience, Kaohsiung's history suffers, Kaohsiung is now tolerant, Kaohsiung is a & # 39; future suffering, and the Kaohsiung future is the same way. We need to face the ocean, face the world, face the world, and work for our 2.8 million people at Kaohsiung Town.

This election is particularly a major advocate. There are no records of personal attacks. Today, the Scorpion dinosaurs are thrilled, thrilled, and thrilled. The main candidates are not. They are all the trustees, and so I do; I feel that I'm my heart today. I'm very sad. Mr Wu Dunyi, chairman of Kuomintang Party, who helped me to help me today, said something. I feel very unsuitable after listening to it. I do not like it. Any election process will be & # 39; hiding. I do not want that, I do not want that. This is not what I want to go on. As a singer of Taiwanese in the last two days, the most famous Zhan Yawen, I also suffered a lot of complaint. I do not know if it's a very powder from Corc or wild powder in Cornwall. If you love Korean powder, you are there! Give my decision respect!

I hope this is a clear election campaign. Slap is not required in the face. The father is not required to kill and hate his wife. How do we sing, dance and concerts at the time, is not it very good? ? Everyone said yes!

I have just talked about these two examples. My heart is very tall, and last week, our TV television host, Mr Zheng Hongyi, said that South Korea was chosen as a Kaohsiung sea. Kaohsiung will be sold. Some people say that the Yukon of South Korea is in the Kaohsiung surface. Kaohsiung street will be entered into the flag five stars. Others say that the Korean pop-up is listed on its & # 39; market and the Communist Party accepts Kaohsiung. Like the red, yellow, black red, they did not stop. I do not understand why a local election should be done in this way.

So, I'm going to go again, Kaohsiung's biggest election in 2018, South Korea. I hope it's a clean choice; In the real election, I prefer to lose it clean, and I did not win this selection dirty, well.

Please, as a candidate for the Kaohsiung City mariner in 2018, I am appealing to non – discriminating, irrespective of the political parties, irrespective of the situation. If you need to come to Kaohsiung Master for help, talk out, do Personal learning, do not make sure Taiwan's democracy is worth there!

I report to all the celebrities Kaohsiung who will start next week, the worst smears come out! Everyone needs to be ready to do it, and there is a stomach. I am a traveler of the Communist Party. I am part of the Communist Party. I have been unemployed for a long time. My chairman, who used his secretary as a general manager, was away from me and her; fire all my fire! Wang Shijian, a member of Taipei Town Council, went to slap. Two have made this unsure. Does that put her & # 39; Communist Party also Duan Yikang and Wang Shijian?

Why is the election? I feel that the voting is near to the back, and they start to thrust. Kaohsiung's famous people, I report to you, make sure you prepare. After last week, after the powerful Democratic Party came to power, it did not pay the attention of Taiwan's people! The same thing is true for Kaohsiung Town. What should I do if the emergency is? The power of their hands is not willing to cast away. The fastest, cheapest and most likely way to affect me is to worry me, her & her; thrush, and smear. I am urging Kaohsiung people to support me and be my supporter. I was born in Taiwan, I'm growing up in Taiwan! I'll die in Taiwan in the future! I am also buried in Taiwan.

Everyone is beautiful, we have the beautiful Kaohsiung people! All of our brothers and sisters, we, Taiwanese's democracy today, have been a great deal of time and effort, and it is hard to get to this step. It's not very easy! The Chinese people around the world look. In 2018, I would like to ask the good friends who are in supporting Yu Yu. We are full of laughter and willingness. Yu is laughing like Mimi is always like a street seller. Everyone who comes to Yu is here; South Korea is happy. Let's agree with the 2018 happy and sophisticated Kaohsiung Chairman.

Many thanks to people, thank you very much, many people came here from different corners of Kaohsiung City. I want to thank everyone for saying the last sentence. We've been too late! Very poor for too long! We should not have such a day. Kaohsiung City has the best of its best. Kaohsiung citizens should have a reason and to fit for a better life, right?

Check out, face Obu next week, however, do not be angry, because Oubu does not need them, they do not vote, smile and quiet, canvassing should be enabled, the food should eat, the song should sing If you're looking for a friend for chatting, you can talk to a friend. The tea will be & # 39; do it. Do not worry, they'll get out of & # 39; Olympic degree, care, trust Yu Yu, supporting Yu Yu, a & # 39; believe Yu Yu!

Everyone of Kaohsiung will come to an end, all of the members behind this, a strong city-wide government, Korea, Yu, will definitely include Kaohsiung City into prosperity and prosperity, He will make more money for Kaohsiung City, he will add more Additional membership of the council will come together to build Kaohsiung and the richest people in Taiwan.

Finally, you vote for the voting night on November 23. On the last night before the election, I asked for a hundred hundred official stones. Follow me to enter the stadium to clarify Kaohsiung! If yes, one hundred stomachs, if not hard work, we will formally form 300 or 500 heads, and come together at the last night before the election! Thank you all, let us see you before the night! Everyone! Thank you!

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