Kaohsiung's star at Korea's south Korean yoga "100-pitch" is dangerous – China Times Times


Less than 48 hours left on the election day, the candidate's personal safety was largely dependent on police administration. Kuomintang candidate at Kaohsiung Mayor, South Korea, asked "one hundred bald head" before the day, and will put the game into the night before the election. However, Zhu Xueheng, diary of the house, commented on the TV program that the move is very dangerous and a great test for the dedicated police officers over Wei.

There are five or five waves in Korea, Yu and Chen Qimai, which strengthen a blue and green competition. From Fengshan's South Yu Court to removal of the induction, to the recent discharge of a murder, the current policing department, has drawn to Weian to the highest level.

Zhongtian News said the election day had to go ahead, and how the Korean Korean Wei was established as president. At this time, the Police Department has used 10 police police officers in Yushu Week in South Korea. There will be 10 other special police officers with personal protection. The Deputy Director of the Police Department will; Sit personally at Taipei Command Center at night before election.

Zhu Xueheng analyzed in the "Critical Moment" television program yesterday that the Kaohsiung election was tense, and it was dangerous for South Korea to have a " seeking "100 slim heads" to enter the market together. Because "one hundred bald head" is a & # 39; at the same time, it is difficult for the police to identify its risk. "How do I know if they are coming today to get into the field, or do they go secretly?"

Zhu Xueheng also fears that he has a direct impact on him. He said that when the internet was released, it was easy to prevent crime. "After reading, I think someone says this, I can implement it."

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