Karan Johar describes the effects of Impact 2.0, Will Will Baahubali on Bollywood



Karan Johar, filmmaker, who lets out for sci-fi drama 2.0 as a film distributor, saying that the southern movie industry has made Hindi film producers feel less expensive. Karan worked with the media at a news conference 2.0 along with Akshay Kumar, film director and director of Shan Shankar here Saturday.

The South Indian cinema has been the forefront of budget, scale and technology.

Speaking of how Bollywood needs to build his game, Karan said: "I think the many movements of many film makers are in & # 39 ; to promote the south of that move even in Hindi cinema. I think it's 2.0 and there was a Robotand a Baahubali, have a photo theater glasses to ask them. "

"We have seen it, its glory and glory to do it because we have seen success. In many ways, the southern film industry has been producing Continue to change this message for reporting and technology for things like decades. They get the stories, feelings, scale and technology on it. "

Karan said the southern movie industry has made Indian filmmakers lower, but in a good way.

"We believe we are in a safe place but we believe we are not. They are taught and motivated to have a lower feeling in a good way. "

"I mean that by ensuring that it helps us to do a lot better. So far, we have not had many major events in the ten years which was passed especially by the filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali who gave beautiful cinema spirits, many of them and for that, thank the longest film business. "

"So, more power. And there may always be a power of technology, recitation, feeling and success with them."

Given that Karan has collaborated with the two films of South Indian, when he claims he has ever been a movie driver from India, he said: "It's not … I always have film management in the language that I know because I believe I can justify the content is much better but I hope that I always co-operate with their vision. "

"I hope I'll get the chance to get movies coming to Dharma Productions, which is really the best thing in the lot … I'm hopeful that this will happen. I'm really helping It's a great deal in Shankar Sir's work, so I hope he'll return to his films and then we can do this together. "

2.0 It is a written science fiction action film and is directed by S Shankar, co-written by B Jeyamohan, and is represented by A Subaskaran.

The film gives a sequence on the 2010 Tamil film They came in, and it appears that Rajinikanth is refurbishing the positions of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, along with Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson.

The film is set for drama production worldwide on November 29.

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