Karbauskis about Pranckietė: it looks for a situation where it can look important and essential


For most of the experts in constitutional law and political, It grew up, even though the prime minister bothered the president's behavior, he did not have to appear, not to complain, but to do it; Looking for another candidate because it's a job. naming the prime minister's prime minister; Believe that both sides work without going to; Demonstrates complaints, they are almost out of date. This is evident by the words of Ramūnas Karbauskis to Speaker of the Seimas, who stated he did not try to demolish the conflict, and meet the President tomorrow.

Again break down at the top of the government. This time – for a woman. More precisely, candidate & prime minister for ministers Irma Gudžiūnaitė. The Ministerial and Ministerial newspaper newspaper was sent to her; Advocate Justice after public criticism that the S. Squernel government is at risk of being a single woman in Europe without a minister.

But we are the oldest in Europe to date. The President refused to speak to the Minister after speaking to I. Gudžiūnaitė.

"I do not see management experience and I do not see professional knowledge, and I know enough about the department that is going into it," said Grybauskaitė.

Both S. Skvernelis, and the chairman of the Proposed Socialist Democratic Party, were sure not only that Mr Gudžiūnaitė's submission was lodged in agreement with the country leader, but also the candidate promised to name after the interview.

The prime minister said he would not make the president's president for the environment. According to the end of office of the Head of State's office, the Minister of Energy will be led by the Ministry for a short period of time.

"I still do not see the people and the candidates who come from seeing it make it coherent. It seems that we're going to the border directly, which is associated with the election, and one unreported statement that the president is participating in the election campaign, "said Skvernel.

"There is a policy already or the president's election has begun and efforts are being made to counter the government," said Gediminas Kirkilas, chairman of the LSDDP.

This is not the first time that the President did not accept the candidate as a minister after the meeting, as President Valdas Adamkus and Grybauskaitė did in creating the government of Algirdas Butkevičius, but the prime ministers have always found other candidates.

"His own opinion has a chairman and he has known I. Gudžiūnaitė, who is obviously seeing the tormented eyes that he is still a person who should still be Work at least as an archaeologist, not to work. She gave her opinion. Mr. Squernel has made such a similar black text – that made his name sure he would be rejected, and Then he could play a special game, "Dr Dr. Vytautas Dumbliauskas.

Irma Gudžiūnaitė

Irma Gudžiūnaitė

© DELFI / Karolina Pansevic

At the end of the week, I wrote on Gudžiūnaitė on Facebook about deciding to # surrendered and said: "It's hard I do not understand the words that have been told me."

"There were more people attending the meeting – councilors who have also heard that President's words have said that, I will make a decision in the future. If This is defined as a license, maybe it is a misunderstanding. This is what the election campaign is going on, and it seems that the people involved In the elections to search for such strides. The entire backdrop that is created – in fact, not only does it harm the people's trust, but also the reputation of state, "said Mindaugas Lingė, Councilor of the President.

The Presidency and constitutional law experts say that the role of his / her prime minister is to be at # 39; another candidate for the ministers.

"The current candidate is young, he is not very familiar, more suitable for apprentice than for his / her minister. I understand why the President would have decided not to accept her application, but he had to say it immediately. The reason is to make a complaint to Mr Skvernel indeed, but he is a pre : he's no longer a minister, a cold war is now and so on. I think he could say that the president did a bad job here, but we will try to solve the state's affairs, "he said. Kęstutis Girnius.

The Cold War between the Head of Defense and the Executive Director was accelerated – S. Skvernel stated that the President was going to accelerate; preparing balconies for team members.

It is intended to advise Lina Antanavičienė and Nerija Aleksiejun to become ambassadors in Israel and France. Arūnas Molis, President's Adviser, became the new head of the LNG service Klaipedos Nafta, according to his / her; company with more than 40 competitors.

According to President, it is common practice; that people come from diplomatic services to political teams; to return to a diplomatic position.

"This applies to old diploma in the headquarters and diplomatic teams of the Seimas Speaker team – they are also representatives of foreign representations, a question that is more than normal and common practice. And for state-owned companies, the president does not watch, establish or control these institutions – is the government's ability , "said President Linger.

Mindaugas Lingė

Mindaugas Lingė

© LRKK / Robert Dačkus

"I think nobody has won by Grybauskaitė and certainly, I'll come out, she will not put her wings in a tight shield. He will get out of height, and I am Thinking that, in this respect, "farmers" should not win, because in this case, however, the situation is more favorable for Grybauskaite. I just did what her constitutional obligation, "said Dr. V. Dumbliauskas.

The Lithuanian leader and the Green Union are committed to becoming president.

"If you talk about what this means in the relationships between institutions, this may be the first time we have that one headteacher tells Another headteacher is wrong. It is not wise, but on the other hand, we will continue to work, "said Chair of RLSL Karbauskis.

Speaker of the Seimas Viktor Pranckietis says that he will try to resolve the fight.

"A minister must have a minister, so we need to talk about what next step he will have to come to the minister. First, indeed, I will speak to an employee, with our majority management, and then talk about the possible solutions, "said Pranckietis.

"First, the prime minister does not need to deal with the president. I believe, in this case, that the Speaker of the Seimas just looks for a post Possible to be important and necessary ", – wrote R. Karbauskis.

The Farmers' leaders also commented on one way – the Prime Minister said that the vacant chairman of the Environment Minister has; Encourage thinking about the Ministry of Environment co-operation with the Energy Minister.

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