Karlos Vemola wants to meet Végo: He would always have been confirmed that I was the best one


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Star of mixed artistic MMA Karlos "Terminator" Vemola is not retiring to return to the UFC that he loves. The 30-year-old warrior has been working in the era of an elite group and, according to his own words, it is only a short time when he comes back to him.

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Returning to home, UFC representatives have been in & # 39; play for a long time with their idea to & # 39; organizing an event in Prague O2 Arena. "They negotiate, the date is not yet fixed," said Vemol.

"The UFC in Prague, faster or later, is not a mystery that the O2 site is held annually by the Czech Republic with Poland as a European MMA medium. largest body in the world to consolidate this and greatly simplify the reach of Czech bankers to UFC, " Thinking about sport.cz Petr Kareš, an XFN promoter, organized a gala evening in Bratislava on Sunday.

If UFC was privately to Prague, and in the visit he would introduce himself Vémola, he would like to resist Attic Végh in Slovakia. "There are not even Sàbhave victims in the UFC, and I propose that they are automated to Attila Végha, who are most worthy of all of them If they were taken to O2 Arena, I would have done everything I promised to make the fan – I'll return to the UFC, but I also meet Attila, because I know he would not stop UFC. "

"He also wants to get there, just like I do, even though he does not talk about it again. Sackcock is not yet able to get there, and I know that Attila will be broken." When I sat down with UFC representatives and asking me who I wanted to represent, so I did not tell them another name, "said Terminator.

Moise Rimbon (United Arab Emirates) and UC's senior Vice President UFC Karlos Vémola (Czech Republic).

Moise Rimbon (United Arab Emirates) and UC's senior Vice President UFC Karlos Vémola (Czech Republic).

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Slovak does not come up against them

He says in the long term that he is better than a division of pressure in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but he never met the Végh. "I am the best Czechoslovakian in all the I can control, but many of the Slovakians think it is not, I'm sorry that Sackcockers who have not come up against me are sorry, they are ahead of Czech Republic, fight me. In Slovakia, I do what I'm doing, and I still have a & # 39; I heard that Pirate (Samuel Krištovič) would pass over me, that Attila could get over, but none of them wanted to prove, "said a sebavedome Vémola.

"I know in detail how it would be a game with the Végh, I have the greatest respect for it, it's a huge and human disaster, and I do not want to meet them because I do not like it, I want it because our two countries are worthy of our help. This is the biggest fight in the history of Czech Republic and Slovakia. "

"At Attila we are the peasants, and if it does not happen, for ten years someone will tell me that Végh would have an impact on me, but I know it is not. I think the paths should to exceed the eleventh date so that once and for all I have proved to be the best thing, "he told the Olomouc country.

Attila's indigenous "Pumukli" Atlantic Végh was the warrior of the prestigious overseas group, Bellator in the final of the semi-heavyweight (up to 93 kilograms) on his American leg Travis Wiuff after 25 seconds . Bellator is regarded as one of the most prestigious MMA organizations in the world.

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