Karol Cariola: The UDI is the government policy guardians against the women


Representatives of the Communist Party & Investigate to submit a constitutional complaint against the Constitutional Court (TC) ministers after that he welcomed the Vamos exhibition for Chile to grant permission from commitments from institutions that have the agreement of the State in a context to eliminate injury in three reasons.

With this definition of the TC, the debate was on the # 39; This body that is accused is to be used as a third parliamentary room again, and abolish what Congress has decided in this case to prevent health streams from being objectors if they get resources from the Congress. State

A PC appender said, Karol Cariola, said "the Government, because he wanted to move democratic devolution, was brought to the TC through the UDI that became the policy guardions against the women who are This Government is "implemented".

"We will continue to evaluate the constitutional complaint that may be against the judges of the Constitutional Court that have overrun their powers completely and against that, they are right to abandon their duties in their work, "they put the member of the House Health Committee.

The Government stayed out of this conversation in the TC and did not participate in the protection of the rule designed by it; Health Minister Emilio Santelices, who challenged La Moneda against the goal of fulfilling the objective of protesting the institutional conscience, but through the official parties.

Speaker: We always recognize hard work as a right

The Minister General Assembly Secretary, Cecilia Pérez, arguing that the TC gave the reason to the normal position of the Government and that no surprise could be made.

"It can not identify any events, judgments or objections at the source: when they fail as I want, I signify, and confirm the institution, I indicate he is democratically; when they fail as I do not want, there are different kinds of conversations, connecting theories so that the concepts do not; show that the situation that was the same thing was not agreed, "he said.

"From its first summary, we are a Government, publicly acknowledging that a complaint in both personal and fundamental conflicts," stresses the speaker.

At the same time, feminine groups ask this evening to check the front of the TC in the # 39; Phaphan Orphans with the court's decision, to indicate that the right and the TC are; opposing women's rights.

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