Kate Middleton and Prince William made SECRET pact after the second breakdown; | Royal Mail News


Kate Middleton and Prince William met at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland in 2001. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were friends for a year before moving into a student house with two fellow students and reports that she was t that the romance took place. In June 2005, the photo was taken laughing with Kate's father, looking very carefully at her first day's graduation.

Despite going on and away for seven years, The Duke of Cambridge has not agreed to make a recommendation.

With that in the years before her involvement, the Duchess put the name “Waity Katie” because she was just waiting for the Prince to arrive. T asking the question.

But, in her book “Making a Romance Royal” in 2011, royal life Katie Nicholl said Kate and William secretly agreed to marry right after their second major breakout. three years before the official message.

She wrote: “The British paper named Kate‘ Waity Katy ', whom she hated.

“I think that's not what we knew [she] and William had made a secret contract to be married back in 2007, after they had amalgamated after their second major break.

“And we know it's a couple who are very good at keeping secrecy.

“Kate got the last laugh, for she has the prince.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were dismissed for the second time in Easter in 2007.

This time many knew about their separation and talking about it, both in the press and in private, a feat similar to the first time they had taken time apart, which had happened while Kate and William were at university.

During an 2010 interview with ITV News after the news of communication, William explained the reason for the break.

He said: “We were very young.

"We were at the university, we were sort of looking for that and different beasts and everything, was trying to find our own way and we were working. T grow up. "

Kate said to the interview: “I think at the time that I was not very happy about it, but actually he gave me a stronger man.

“You find out about yourself that you hadn't achieved, or I think you can be very excited about relationships when you are younger and appreciated the time and that was although I did not believe it at the time. ”

The two officially got involved in 2010 when William praised Kate when they were on holiday in Kenya, using the engagement ring of Princess Diana.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were now married in a grand service at Westminster Abbey on 29th April, 2011 and have three children, The Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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