Kate Wright says NINE brothers – tell her the best girls & daughters; at bash is great


Kate Wright has shown that she's a female woman's shoe, who's asking them at a glamorous event with a flower wall and personal cup cakes.

The 27-year-old man, who is involved in playing football at Rio Ferdinand, outstairs to tell the best poles they would be part of her special day.

She also revealed that Rio's seven-year-old daughter, who had never been built, was part of the wedding party.

Producing every stop, Kate's fitness, which is also a step for Rio's sons, Lorenz, 11 and Tate, nine, a flower and a personal poem for each of her daughters .

Everything if her relatives looked very glamorous at her & her; a whale and a bride, Kate introduced all the parents to the best football in the sport.

Elected for a private room, with beautiful settings and a flower and personal poem for each brother, Kate, who was look amazing in dress, making sure her daughters were special atmosphere.

Each baby took part in Kate Sportail and stepped on a thatched wall for the nearest and brave.

Kate and her women!

Kate quit all stop for her wedding ceremony

Instagraming the obstacles shared, she wrote: "Thank you … @hadesignsltd & @ h.a.flor for the beautiful flowers and personal pieces.

Add to: "@essexloveletters for my flower wall, warehouses and hole wall.

Pottery roses were great at this wonderful event

Contributing to: "@worditrhyme for the poems, I gave them 10 facts about each of the girls and made the most important poems … we were all in tears."

Rio, 37, queried Kate on the top of St. Regis's hotel with the help of his children, who works with his late wife, Rebecca.

Rio's daughters got her own geology and her own poem

By sharing them on Instagram, she wrote: "The cutest ever"

Announcing their participation last year, Kate said: "The perfect one for our holidays … How does that not answer"

Kate and Rio, 37, started in 2017, began two years after his wife Rebecca died from breastfeeding at age 34.

Kate is close to her & # 39; destroying a real TV to become a full-time step for his children, saying, "I had two choices. I was in this world with a lot of drama, it was good public.

Rio Ferdinand and Kate Wright on the top of the world after getting involved

"They had lost their mother, they do not need a woman who's going out everywhere. They need someone who goes home with them to give them love."

How do you ask your tax member to be two married? Can you top Kate? E-mail [email protected]

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