Kažimir: The draft budget does not count on retirement age


The financial impact of its constitutional proposal is unclear.

21 November 2018 at 10:58 m. TASR

Bratislava. With the constitutional recommendation of the Smer-SD partnership for a 64-year-old pensioner, it does not count the state budget draft.

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Finance Minister Peter Kažimir (Smer) confirmed the meeting of the Finance Committee on Tuesday in the Parliament.

He stated this by still accepting the legislation and his / her; consider the recommendation of their individual party.

There are no correct accounts

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Its financial impact does not have a & # 39; This constitutional proposal also has on the Treasury.

"We still do not have clear calculations, we do not know the final form because it is still being debated, this is really not included in the budget," said Kažimír.

At the same time, however, he argued that the proposal could have a negative impact on retirement costs.

"However, we identify the first adverse effects on recent recommendations, which means that there may be more pension costs in 2021. But that is very important for parameters In particular, "the financial minister added.

Count with more

However, the budget of the state's draft, which will be dealt with by the Parliament at a future meeting, in the next few years, count for Kajimir with more.

Previous budget recommendations have not succeeded.

Equalization guidelines are to be achieved in the next year, one year earlier than planned first for the finance department.

"The solution of any constitutional or classical rule may be affected, but now we have" nadciľ "in 2021, so if you decide today how to use some of the rest, that's just the debate, someone is like someone else, "said Kažimir, depending on what the financial impact of his proposal should be best enumerated before the final vote in the Parliament.

At the next meeting

This was suspended at the October parliamentary session. For the final agreement, the guidance must be a constitutional majority and was unsure in October.

Movement OĽANO and Family came in at the last minute before they voted with new suggestions.

The opposition of the Session to refuse to & # 39; Recommended from the beginning, most of Hid's & # 39; but the "MEP" should be "free of charge" in October's vote.

The plan supports LSNS and NHS. This recommendation will definitely be decided at an upcoming meeting to begin on Tuesday.

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