KDH: Two hundred per cent for parents are good, but not in this term


The guidance should be released from its recommendation, the party is.

November 21, 2018 at 11:53 AM TASR

Bratislava. The Consortium's proposal is about to & # 39; Including the ability to distribute two hundred percent of the tax for populist and non-clinical parents. KDH chairman, Lodz Hlin, told a press conference in Bratislava on Wednesday.

A similar measure, he said, was introduced with the move in 2016, but with the difference that it should be part of a stable pension system.

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The idea is good, though Hlina

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The idea is good, according to Hlin, but it should not be an ad hoc measure before selecting. With Guidelines, they agree to two hundred per cent of their children's taxes to their parents.

"We say that the child should, when he or she, be able to put some of his taxes before his parents, but not to pay immediately, but that is The Social Insurance Company has a shadow, "said Hlina, saying when the age of relinquishing is offset; A parent has a slightly higher pension than those assets.

Suggested in & # 39; This vocabulary, according to the chairman of the movement, directly influenced neo-government.

Part of a wider vision

So he asked the Guidelines to abandon his proposal, which is, accordingly, populist and uncertain.

"If we want to keep this up, let's talk about it as part of a great vision of creating a sustainable pension system," said Hlina.

At the same time, he noted that KDH in Poprad took a New November program document, where it was said that parents could give two hundred per cent.

"From the beginning, KDH has been a long time ago with its idea of ​​identifying two hundred percent of taxes for people working. We still believe that this idea is good and we do not want it to be something else, some ad hoc steps refusing an awareness, "said Peter Bobula, Former President.

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