Ke Jie won its six secrets: AI is too powerful, he is not confident to play chess, 1.85 million bonuses to emphasize mortgage weight – People – cnBeta.COM


On December 5, her & # 39; First person from Chinese, Ke Jie, returned to the Korean chess player The Guofan 2-1 in the first loss of the game, he won the World World Masters Cup, and won the sixth round of the game, world. Prior to this, Ke Jie won the "Second Cuping Cup", "20th / 21st Samsung Cup", "Second Dream Lily Cup" and "New First Olympic Cup".


For Ke Jie himself, this competition has set up a new record. In 1997, he built "Chang Buddha" Li Changyi and the king was a six-crown king; youth in chess world.

After winning the festival, Ke Jie said in an interview that he often does not have the confidence to play; playing chess, as now the AI ​​is powerful, and each game is very close, so it is not easy to win the competition. This concert is very brilliant for himself and is the sixth player of his world

It is reported that the 300m Samsung Cup qualifying prize has won (about 1.85 million yuan). Ke Jie welcomed this: "In the last few days, the emphasis on mortgages is very big, and the bonuses can make their living healthy unsatisfactory."

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