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Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe is present at today's "Everything in the Industry", including Lin Guowen Yan, Datong Chairman, and Sakamoto Joe, founded by Hepei Technology. It is worth noting that three national policy advisers from the Cai government are also present, including Qin Jiahong, president of the Chinese Republican Business District Manufacturing Federation, Chen Maoren, director of the Rotary Taiwan Association, and the Chinese and Commercial Association of the Chinese Republic . Chairman of All-China Federation, Liao Quanping. Ask the media on Ke, are the three contributing to the & # 39; left? Ke before the meeting said that people living in the world, not just political parties, but also have relatives, friends, colleagues, and the same religion as the same philosophy; stress stressed that people are still a reasonable animal, they choose according to their thinking. The greatest way of society.

When Ke Wenzhe gave a speech at the "Everything in the Industry" news conference, he once again saw more than 100 delegates from each type of life attending the show and once it was demolished. He admits that he chose to work very hard on the loss of blue-green. It was a & # 39; Seeing so many people, he can only thank you and thank you.

When Qin Jiahong gave a speech, he shouted "The new clothes, the old people," and "the cover is half-covered, the master can not change", and he said he & # 39 ; supporting Ke Wenzhe.

The media asked that Ke, Qin Jiahong, Chen Maoren, and Liao Quanping all participate in the activities of the candidate Yao Wenzhi, a Democratic Party. Now it's very good, does it change from green to green? Ke, did not think so much, "Why do we need to use ideology to divide?" He said that there is a sentence called "border cross" in English, and people jump over here and then. scattered over there.

The goal of the Wai Keke goal is to abandon him in the last step. The media also asked Ke, can you do it only and not saying it? He said that the current situation does not release the insurance. Taipei citizens are quite independent. It's a & n; believe in Taiwan's democratic politics and believe voters will be able to; make the best judgment.

Ke Wenzhe was present at live broadcasting Chen Honghan, Net Red Guardian last night, and watching a record. Ask the media to today, after the live broadcasting with the keeper, because he has not lost his words, are the staff absent? Ke says that there is no political party support when the blue and green are very much shifted, it's very difficult to choose, and money (blue and green) is so wild, as a Wenzhe video online, click The first 5 seconds of advertising. Ding Shouzhong or Yao Wenzhi.

Ke Wenzhe said he would be green-green in the blue and green conditions, and the voting level of neutral electors is relatively low. It is heavily responsible for counting the election. Now the election can only be made until 10pm and after 10pm. What is estimated, the keeper is open to him, so I thank you, along the way.

Ask the media on Ke Wenzhe, because he'll be bored; The keeper is also the Kuomintang candidate at the Chalamhsiung, Kuo a & # 39; South Korea, would he return the Ono event again? He said that it is impossible for two people to choose the same in every five options. When I was broadcast live yesterday, I did not miss words. Is the support helpful? Ke said "no!" He said the keeper is still a very successful entrepreneur, working five gyms, the scale is very large. (Zhang Boting / Taipei Taipei)

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Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe is present at
Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe is present at "Everything in the Industry", and government policy adviser Qin Jiahong (2nd from left) is also present. Picture Liu Yuhao

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