Ke Zhendong was destroyed at the age of 18, and his life is "extremely educated" – Zhongshi News


After the succession of Ke Zhendong and Xiao Yaxuan and Li Yufen, they put forward their success at the end of last year. At this time, they have a new love relationship. He is a 18 year old secondary school girl who is learning in Los Angeles. Go to the NBA game.

According to Mirror Weekly, the 18-year-old daughter of Chen Liangjun is currently working at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). It is important in mathematics and economics. She went to the Cambridge University of Cambridge. After 13 years of reading, I also added 9 long fluids and the title "Buffalo Yong Wen Yun Wu". It is said that Ke Zhendong went to the United States to continue his love. The two sweet LA routes have been found by Ke Zhendong IG, although their card records are not in the same box, but the site was captured nearby, such as Ke Zhendong, who likes basketball, he went to LA to play his cartoon for the Lakers land team team, it happened that Chen Liangjun IG had restricted the time to show the ticket, the movie is even bigger than a male boos According to the comparison , it's the word Ke Zhendong.

Ke Zhendong went to the United States for half a month. As well as spending Halloween together, he had visited the family of the house already and saw other parents. It is clear that the relationship between the two people; grow steadily. However, for this report, Ke Zhendong stressed him. Single, and said that the two are just friends, and in LA there is a large group of friends to work together, and deny that both are in an interactive situation.

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