Keba's electronic company has taken over Germanian LTI movement


Linz. (apa / kle) The electronics company Keba from Linz is a specialist specialist of the German driving technology LTI Motion and the Heinz Fiege GmbH based in Hamburg based Körber AG. Keba will be the full solution provider in a range of business entrepreneurship, its headteacher, Gerhard Luftensteiner, named Tuesday.

Therefore, Keba is a specialist in the control and safety department as well as business applications, LTI Motion in the range of servo drive technology and Fiege GmbH in applied wheelchair technology. The company's capabilities should now be surrounded. In the future, this will be able to offer everything for robots and devices from one source, Luftensteiner, who is expecting new products and new customers from the mechanical engineering department from & # 39; construction. Keba's annual revenue of 253.6 million euros is lasting more than 100 million euro after its acquisition, increasing the number of staff from 1200 to 1700.

Keba and LTI Motion have been working closely together in the past. The first is a & # 39; talks about construction in 2008. The price of secret purchase is expected to be closed in late December.

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