Keep a moment of silence! B & B was a SpongeBob creator. there


The creator of cartoon heroes Sponge Bob Stephen Hillenberg died at 57, reciting the Daily Mail. "We're sorry to share news about the death of Stephen Hillenberg, creator SpongeBob," says an American news channel Nickelodeon's American American children's television channel. "Let us keep a moment calmly to honor his life and work."

It was confirmed that a creator of the famous cartoon character of Sponge Bob Stephen Hillenger was diagnosed with bad sclerosis at the thistle.

Hilenberg is an ex-expert. He created "SpongeBob" in the late 1990s (first published in 1999), first trying to name Sponge, The Boy, but for copyright he had to change his name. The television channel Nickelodeon, an animation producer, is mentioned in an official statement that he supports Steve and his family and respects their ambition that they have no other ideas about the subject.

It is a sclerosis side of the amototic, known as the Lu Gerig disease, which is a brain disease that is a Continuing to revitalize paralyzed motor neurons and, in many cases, end up with the result of death. Unlike Alzheimer's disease, this type of sclerosis does not harm the mind. It is not possible to deal with it, but there are examples of patients who are ill-treated; stay many years after they have been ill. The best known example is Professor Stephen Hawking.

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