Keep your hair and pine in eggs, fish and avocados


The latest health news in which your healthy hair is related to what we eat, if your hair is weak and weak; suffering from falling, you can count the expensive hair accounts and take care of you, in this report we offer 10 foods to help you get health, according to your web doctor " He said.

Milk products

Cheese and yogurt are the easiest ways to get important proteins that are not food. Because hair is made up of protons, these nutrients help to & # 39; strengthening and growing hair.

2 – oily fish to prevent hair loss

Oily fish are like salmon and mackerel which contain fatty acids such as omega-3, which are acute; Helps to lose blood loss. Iron and vitim B12 are also essential for healthy hair and skin.

3. Total language to increase hair increase

Seeds, vitamins B and iron are in crustaceans. Zinc is the key in the health of hair, as it is used to control hormones that directly affect the drying and growth of your hair.

4 – walnut for dandruff handling

Walnut is rich in seileium, an important mineral that enhances the health of your bones. Waves can help with & # 39; reducing drops. Zinc also helps to & # 39; dandruff treatment.

5- Carrots to increase the roof of hair

It is also recognized that it helps to maintain eye health. It also helps to & # 39; Keeping hair, and helps to & # 39; protect hair and skin from sun damage.

6 – dark leafy vegetables

As spinach and broccoli contains vitamin A and C – and the essential animals help to & # 39; body to make natural oils such as a sebum, which is a natural co-ordinator for her grandchildren.

Healthy oil, such as oil oil, avocado and flaxseed can also help to improve the health of hair.

7- Hen to cure weak hair

Protein deficiency can be a major problem for hair, which means that hair and paper are weak and its; including chicken, turkey and eggs on the protocols as well as vitamin B, which is important in monitoring follicles of hair.

8. Males for healthy hair

Beef is full of zinc, an important mineral known for its antioxidant homes and its role in the health of hair.


Bananas to prevent the loss of hair, as vitamin B6 deficiency causes loss and loss of hair, since vitamin B is an important factor in helping to reduce the amount of vitamin B6. giving his body a food mandate and his / her; botanine in bananas.

10. Eggs

Egg for hair density. Biotin – also known as vitamin B7 – contains eggs linked to healthier, because it is important to build hair cells.

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