Keisuke Honda does not come together with Cambodia in her; Vietnam


On schedule, Cambodia will be able to Meet Vietnam at Hang Do court at 19h30 on 24/11. And at 13:00 (Australia's time), Melbourne Victory will host Sydney FC in Round 5 A-League (League of Australia).

The player and technical director, Keisuke Honda, had to choose 1 in 2. Due to the fact that Cambo could not be able to manage the previous night and his / her. Traveling to Australia for a color to play Melbourne Victory the next day.

The Victoria Victory club is not sure they suffer so much of the Suzuki AFF Cup 2018. Remember that Honda has been in a position. playing four out of Melbourne. Hit it and put two goals on it. The Australian team does not allow Honda to go to Cambodia when there are almost two weeks of the Australian League's competition until the national team is played.

Keisuke Honda has to return to Australia to play in the 5th visit A-League by Melbourne Victory

If he can not go to Vietnam, Honda himself as well as Vietnam fans will feel very tough. Honda says he has carefully planned Cambodia to stop the road to Vietnam's finals. At the same time, Vietnam fans also want to play the star for AC Milan in the flesh of life.

At this time, Honda Cambodia has been abolished. Although Vietnam only needs one point before Cambodia is in the final.

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