Keisuke Honda warns Cambodia of power of Vietnam


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Keisuke Honda warns Cambodia of power of Vietnam. (Picture: AAF Cup 201)

Coach Keisuke Honda has warned Cambodia of power Vietnam ball football in the interview on the 2018 AFF Cup home page. According to the Japanese "part-time" manager, Cambodia is still developing its & # 39; game, while there is a talented team in Vietnam.

During the tour of the garden on November 24, Keisuke Honda will not lead directly to Cambodia to play against Vietnam. Because Kevin Honda still has a & # 39; spending Melbourne Victory in the Australian league and only Cambodia did not play his coach without playing for his / her. club.

"Tell me the players after Laos 3-1 has affected that this is part of the team's progress. The next step we will meet Vietnam and that's a very important game. Vietnam has been a competitive strong with technical abilities. So, Cambodia needs to prepare it all, "- analysis of Keisuke Honda.

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According to Keisuke Honda, there is a generation of Cambodia talented players. (Picture: AAF Cup 201)


Currently, Cambodia has completed the opportunity to take place at the 2011 AFF Cup and the forthcoming visit to Hang Dieu's courtyard means a methodology. However, Cambodia is extremely realistic for expressing themselves in the future of future success.

According to Keisuke Honda, there is a generation of Cambodian football talents, but things just start. Cambodia needs more time for its own development. So, Keisuke Honda hopes to spread and dedicate the players.

"This work is very heavy but I like that. I'm spending a lot of time in Cambodia's management, but you have to look at how I'll play Melbourne Victory every end- week, "said Keisuke Honda.

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