Keita does not do good things for SME


Sadio Mane sees that Naby Keita will be Return to health as a full-time Liverpool full-time, and have a chance to do so. midfielder & large stadiums & # 39; for a club.

Summer signage seemed to be a long-term out of the hill in the influence of 2-0 Reds & # 39; The Fulham face the last trip, not to be featured in any of the previous five games due to serious injury.

Musicians have been dealing with the talents of Keita so far but Mane knows them ahead of their crossroads at Red Bull Salzburg in 2014.

The Number10 is very pleased to keep his friend and company back in courtship ahead of a busy running of furniture – and Keita will go to her. influencing its impact.

"I always said, I knew Naby from Red Bull Salzburg as we played together. He is a good player and also young, he still has a lot of learning and development," said Mane Premier League Productions.

"When it came to a surprise everyone, but I did not get it, because I know it. I'm sure we're doing good things. Now it's back with the team and we're happy to have it. I look forward to seeing it helping the team as he can. "

Mane has been able to help Liverpool play a start in the 12 Premier League games, next to Jürgen Klopp second, just two points behind Manchester City.

Much of the external recommendation for the final season was to focus on the strongest invasive play as part of it, and this is the defense base of the team; pesticides.

And if Mane needs and to find the most fluent football, he accepts the challenge.

"It can happen sometimes," he said. "And perhaps in a number of games we did not play as we can, and to expect, play, but we have to deal with it and try to work as hard as we can, and its & # 39; push it better again.

"We could be better – that's a part of football. We would like to be better for the team and the club. We have started better than the past season, now we have important games to come and we will try to do our best. "

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