Kemba Walker was suspending 60 points on the Sixers, but the same was stolen from the largest families


The Charlotte Hornets have a hard time in close games without a point to be removed from them with the officers. At a seven-minute firm at a & # 39; Fourth quarter of 115-112 losses over Charlotte, Kemba Walker, who hung 60 points on the Sixers, try to kill three points. He was not even close. It was obvious behind the line. But he did not get a prize for two free cars, both he did. The officers did not even carry out the inspection to watch the play. Look:

It is not necessary to say, there is one point in a game that runs out of time, you know, bigger. There will be problems. Players, coaches, repositives, everyone who stops. But this is inconvenient. You will not see this accident that is listed in the amazing two-minute reports that the NBA asked because it did not happen in the last two months. Whether to be grateful for that. These reports are misleading. The horizontal NBA tells you, "hey, we got rid of each other, we may cost you, we will do nothing to change the product, but we're happy Reducing our offenses by placing your nose in surrender of a day mistake later. "

Yeah, no thank you. Please do not just do anything. When I go out of casino just lost my entire bank roll on a sad blow, and # 39; Get a memorandum the next day saying that the trader that is tidy up the cards does not mean bad thing if you do not; give me money back. Find out here with these reports. They are sad. Many of the calls are bang-bang and do not need to inform the next day's human error. It is understood. No one is perfect. But the loss should not be lost in the first instance. Save the report.

Players and coaches who say that they never play a game decision, that there would always be things you would do better over a course to avoid being in a Set for one picture to determine the result. There is a truth, but definitely how to get into the final game facilities, you're the same. The horns are in one ton of those house messages. It's really true, many of the NBA games will be decided on one or two plays. The Hornets were too hot and they were taken away. You do that good. That's the way it's. Walker 12 was 12 for the line vs. Philly. It is a very safe bet that would be made free of charge.

Again, Walker went for 60 against the Sixers. He burned 62 per cent from the field. It was not very amazing, as it was all year long. He should be a senior MVP candidate for the Hornets team that is still better than her 7-8 record. The sixth was Charlotte's best starting point in the league coming Saturday. That's a little disappointed because they have sparked many bad teams, but they are consistently right in those games against high-tech teams. After the defeat of Saturday, the Hornets 1-6 in games have been determined by four or less points. Last year they lost 12 games with five points or less. This is a continuing problem.

At the end Jimmy Butler won his & her; this game for the Sixers. He only clarified 15 points, but won this game for the Sixers when he was most counted. First, with a shortening momentum and the ball in Walker's hands, Butler delivered this block-and-save game:

That took ownership of Philly in a hot game, but Butler finished with her; this dagger:

And it may be unfair to say that the game would have gone to pre-raim, Walker was awarded the third free bid. It happened with more than half a quarter remaining, so many things happened thereafter. Players and different play teams have a score, so it is fair to say that a decision to alter the section with another scale would be decided. But, at the end of the day, the Hornets were stolen in a pre-match game. For a team that can be right on the playoff line by the end of the season, this will be available throughout the season.

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