Kennedy's disease affects men only. Signs to & # 39; appears in the twentieth and slowly evolves


It is a disease in Kennedy's disease; affecting the males only. It also eliminates the movement of neurons between the brain and the backbone neurons, causing superior paralysis, and the normal symptoms are a; starting between 20 and 40 years.

According to the news-medical website, its first features have a & # 39; Introducing hands that shake up, & # 39; visual muscles, muscle spasm, and weakness in the coal or chromatic muscles, which weaken the ball, weak words are weak, In a sense, there is a problem that swallows, often causes humorous pieces, & # 39; including diabetes, chineamastia, and uncertainty.

Canadian Disease
Canadian Disease

Estate way

The patient's mother transgenic gene copy, which was moved to her son, is a copy of her. His mother is just the bearer but does not affect him, and he is willing to give a 50% uncommon gene to any of her descendants. Also, just highlight marks only, they will become similar factors.

Diagnosis and medicine

Diagnosis is done through clinical signs and through genetic tests. There is no cure but supportive. It can include cure physics and regeneration methods to improve the strength of current muscles, which aim to reduce the degree of reduction and paralysis.

Paralysis can usually be included, so people with the illness can move to the late, when they need to use wheelchairs, and need to be monitored on plant work as well as muscle strength to improve infections.

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