Kerch's innonymer asks: FSB says that this is a breach


"Viral information"

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Information about the "rescue" that was said as a Kerch soldier was circulated on the internet late November 22. In a message on one of the information sites mentioned on Crimean FSB, it was said: their response to Vladislav Roslyakov was inserted and needed.

Kerch's innonymer asks: FSB says that this is a breach

Photograph: Information Office and media service at the Head of Crimean Republic.

About 5pm on one of the sites with the Russian range, they said "a rocker of Kerch Engineer wants". Regarding the Crimean Federal Security Service Steering Group, it is indicated that Olga is a petitioner and can be found in the Moscow department.

Identify the two-dimensional resource of the woman (in black and white and color), and also reports that Olga is native to the capital, and from 1 October to 16 she found her trust and preparation for action Roslyakov terrorism. The site states that a woman is armed and dangerous, and also, a & # 39; mentions the special services, seeking information to those who have any information to law enforcement and three phones.

However, even the highest certification is shown that the most common information is most likely to break. One of those numbers was related to a member of the staff at a & # 39; Committee of Inquiry, but said that she was not involved in terrorist investigation and was not aware of Olga's research. Regarding the management of the FSB in Crimea, the second phone was. The duty officer stated that the viral information and work is currently underway to distribute those that are in the process; spread to brooch. Finally, the third phone came to the FSB fire line.

Interestingly, you also find a picture of a detection woman. Outside, Roslyakov assistant is a copy of a worker at one of the business enterprises at a small area center in the Tula area. So, perhaps, misleading information was posted by one of her personal enemies.

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