Ketamine as a remedy for reduction: 'Direct difference;


Harry Jaspers is an ordinary actor who has come up with ketamine in his fight against decline. He has been swearing by his ointment of a ketamine nose for 3 years. Interior EenVandaag Radio he talks about what it meant to him. "I noticed the difference immediately."

"I noticed the biggest difference when climbing upstairs. My depth was overwhelmingly heavy. Now I don't have physical problems now." alone. Since summer 2016, he has been on numerous visits twice a week.

Immediate change

Together with his brother, scientist, he looked for formal and informal publications on the grounds that scientific evidence had not yet been held against depression. He has heard regularly about the positive effects of ketamine.

Harry's first time ketamine saw his brother change immediately: his properties became worse. Harry also noticed a difference. 'That time, it took around 2 hours to use my body to influence it. "

Waiting for the EU

Jaspers are sure of the positive impact of the nasal spray and hopes that the Dutch market will soon be introduced. Ketamine in the form of a nasal spray is now allowed for the American market.

The Depression Association is positive about the nasal spray. Director Nathalie Kelderman believes that one should not avoid leaving the complexity. "It is important to us what commitments will be given to the market."

"What you often get with new stuff that feels you're surrounded by a sort of sacrifice. The decline is too hard for that," said Kelderman. “We must continue to see the context: it is just one. You can practice such a new drug, but there are other ways to improve, for example a cure or a lifestyle change.

Ketamine as a remedy for reduction: 'Direct difference;

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