Kevin Hart Oscar Debate: The host is protecting anti-gay tweets


Introducing Oscar's new entertaining, Kevin Hart's attempt has defended a backdrop for his history of social media against the gay against himself in getting involved in support.

After notifying on Tuesday that the actor / actor was used to host the 91th Academy Awards on 24 February, the homophobic Hart survey has undergone a new study. His dispute gave her; Hart told the following statement to instigate Instagram on Thursday.

Stop looking for reasons to be negative. Stop finding for reasons to be angry. I want to see / you want to see; feel / understand the place of mind I am. I am delighted that people are happy … there is nothing you can do to change that. This can not be played. I work hard every day to spread everyone … that's said if you want to explore my history or time and make you angry with what you are doing & # 39; get what's right with me. I'm almost 40 years old and I'm in love with the person I am growing. YOU ARE BEACH AND DOES DONE AND SEND; CREATE AND DO MAKE. I live to love. Give your negative energy and add it to something helpful. Please. You should never have to say it. I LOVE EVERYBODY … AGAIN AN EVERYBODY. If you choose not to be able to me, that's for you. Be a beautiful day

Hart commented strongly on Twitter, with some asking the Academy to host him as an Oscar host.

A representative for GLAAD, at the same time, tells today that a group has "reaching out to ABC, the Academy and Kevin Hart's instructions to talk about his talk and recording As well as opportunities for advanced LGBTQ inclusion on the Oscars level. They have not yet responded. "

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