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The comedian Kevin Hart has decided not to host the Oscars after the homophobic tweets come to light, and he refused to excuse before doing so.

Hart stated on Twitter that he would not host the God's Night Academy Awards.

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In the tweets, Hart said he "did not want to worry a night that should be celebrated by so many spectacular, talented artists."

He also gave an excuse for the LGBTQ community for "unsuccessful words from time to time."

Hart's tweets came after he had installed a video on Instagram in which he said he faced the tweets, which appeared between 2009 and 2011.

Keeper's Editor, Benjamin Lee, on Wednesday script of old Hart's tweetsSouth Westerly

In one tweet, posted in 2011, Hart said if his son was coming home and trying to play with his daughter's doll house he would "break it over his head."

Another tweet, from 2009, has used the unfinished "F" word used to describe greed people.

In the Instagram video, Hart said b & # 39; He was called the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy (AMPAS) and said, "Excuse for your tweets, or we have to move on and get another host."

Hart said that he excused that excuse because he had "challenged this several times."

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"The reason why I went on because I've faced this here several times, this is not the first time this came up," he said.

"I put my face on him, I have talked about, I said where the rights and crimes were, I said who I am now against being age, I have done . "

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