KEY: Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 – Have a look at life in the stick.


Microsoft does a lot of things during the day and knives with Apple and Amazon will be the world's most valuable company. Much of this, of course, thanks Windows and its focus on the cloud, but the Uppermost region has also been the company's multi-billion pound company for the air.

In 2012, the PC PC business delivered insight and invested in 2-1-1 devices, and not until 2017 the company launched an all-purpose notebook – knee. surface. Both the Pro surface and the hybrid voltage are easily visible with an invisible keyboard.

We surveyed the first Laptop floor in the summer of 2017 and drew out items such as strong lifting, design, battery life, screen, performance and battery life, but we were not excited about Windows 10 S (Method).

Did Microsoft do anything about the two points from the first generation? Well, it's not true – it should prove it.


In February, Laptop 2 was on its final side in Norway after its launch in autumn last year, among other things, the USA and bigger markets in Europe. Therefore the Vikings who overcame can influence themselves over the new development.

There has been no significant change from the first model to the Laptop surface 2. You get the same construction, the elegant design with unmatched clothing around the keyboard and a screenshots.

We like to be designed for the Surface Laptop and we think it is fine that Microsoft is continuing to do this. As Apple has been displaying the MacBooks over the years, there is no need to make big changes to design from year to year.

Umostness 2

operating system Windows 10
exhibition 13.5 "PixelSense smile sensitive."
the solution 2256×1504
groom Intel Core i7-8650U
Warehousing 512 GB
memory 16 GB
battery 45.2 Wh
weight 1.28 kg
Price test unit 23.490 kr

Indeed, there is one innovation for design, as a black 2 black mold replaces the graphite model from 2017. The only possibility that they might fall apart, we hope that t more came with black computers. Do you hear that, Apple?

If there is anything to add to a Surface 2 Laptop design, it must be the frame around the screen that is a bit thick – on 2019 scale.

There is a fairly small framework, as a result, of Windows Windows Hello at Laptop Surface 2.

There is a fairly small framework, as a result, of Windows Windows Hello at Laptop Surface 2.
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If you select Surface 2 Laptop over and above your Intel processor employer with more than four-powerful, Windows 10 Home, explore a 1500: 1 mixing – Laptop Surface will rise at 1200: 1 – and the life of the battery is better.

USB-C is the thing you can't get from any of them. Microsoft did not receive a place for the charge of data taxes and data transmission as “all other users”. USB-C is available even on iPad Pro Pro.

However, now called Windows 10 S, and the draft of the Laptop Surface 2 users, you can get Windows 10 Home.

Surface Wisdom 2 has the following links:

  • USB-A (normal USB port)
  • small display
  • Headphone
  • Connecting the surface

There is still a charge through the surface connection. We'll notice that even all USB-C devices have all sorts of accessories for all your devices – it's fun with a magnetic binding connection. The fan base of MagSafe Apple's appearances is surely agreed.

Laptop 2 on the outside runs a solution to Microsoft property prices.

Laptop 2 on the outside runs a solution to Microsoft property prices.
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Using it

As you have just read, the Surface Laptop 2 is not a recent update. It seems that Microsoft has chosen a cautious approach to the series, because we feel it has also done with the Surface Pro & # 39; 6.

Sadly we think the first Laptop Surface was a good computer, and the new speaker builds on this foundation.

A Left A Force A 2-hour laptop computer will be given to the correct functionality for carrying out work. We have always investigated how it works, but also for entertainment and play. The computer that does the most work is the computer, but if you want a tool that runs the more demanding games of "Minecraft" or "Crush Candy", look at other places.

For a bit of fun, the Laptop 2 is in full swing, the screen is well-intentioned for films and TV shows. The sound of the speaker is rather odd, so video and music are used more effectively by the smartphone attached to the PC.

We really enjoy the Microsoft appearances that everyone is coming with a Windows Hello sign. The addressing address is as good as we do not lose the mind sensor or we do not enter the PIN every time we log on to the PC.

Windows Hello set up under Preferences – Accounts – Login Information.

The black surface Laptop is very good at leaks, that means.

The black surface Laptop is very good at leaks, that means.
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The keyboard is very clear

What's more, it's good to see Microsoft follow the same move in delivering your keyboard and trackpad among the best in the market. The keys have a longer visit to the Macbeth's butterfly, for those who need it, and who are less likely to write. At the same time, it is relatively quiet and therefore you should not be afraid to bring Upper 2 Depot to the school scaffolding room (or sleeping room).

He's working well with the Alcantara soft and comfortable clothing that surrounds our keyboard. On sustainability, we have an Upper Laptop which has been used for over half a year and has no wear and tear indicators. However, we have seen examples of the Internet where Alcantara's clothing was consumed after much use.

The Laptop 2 keyboard is one of the best in the market. Here, Microsoft has done a good job.

The Laptop 2 keyboard is one of the best in the market. Here, Microsoft has done a good job.
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The control surface is controlled by glass – making it smooth and responsive – and its size is so large. It supports the complex guests in Windows 10, you may change options: t

Options – Tools – TouchPad. Here you can change movements with three or more branches.

«Clean» Windows 10?

One thing that we noticed about the new Windows 10 computers which seem to have a clean version of the operating system is that. Microsoft has something to do with Windows 10 Signature Edition on PCs that don't come with a number of cached applications such as antivirus and other third-party software, but we don't think the Logos computers are always better .

Ironically, it also relates to Microsoft's own PCs. There are a number of programs which have not been developed by the company itself. We have no problems with the producers themselves adding the software themselves. Apple does it, Google and HP do, but there are third-party solutions that we are often thinking about.

Now it should be claimed that the applications listed in the list below are not installed on Laptop 2, but are on the start menu. If you click on one of the apps, you will be returned to the Microsoft Store for download, but that notification is unhappy and useless.

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Related Media
  • Candy crush
  • Fitbit coach
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • WinZip

Fortunately, we fussy antivirus programs that have agreements with other PCs.

A life is unique

A Laptop 2 battery life can be described as superior to that of its past. In fact the PC that measures the highest level in our current test is not running until it was nearly 14 hours.

By contrast, Laptop surfaced with 1 stop after 9 hours and 35 minutes – we're talking about raising it.

The good results from a battery life are displayed in use in practice. Laptop 2 has been paid out as a total working day and a bit more. It appears that Microsoft was finally turned off on the surface batteries after trouble.

Some have gone on

Microsoft has accelerated the battery life of the Surface Laptop series, but it seems that it does not see the PCs as more powerful resource solutions. A comparison with the Huawei MateBook 13, which is much cheaper than a Microsoft computer: t

As you can see in the table below, the differences in SSD performance are quite remarkable. However, this is not something that you will know very much if you are not working on large files, as well as several programs at the same time.

The performance of the Laptop 2 system is weaker than the Huawei PC. These jobs are virtually the same. The owner of Intel Core i7-8650U has a 1.9 GHz clock frequency against the Intel Core i7-8565U at MateBook with a clock frequency of 1.8 Ghz. It is remembered 16 and 8 GB respectively.

However, the MateBook 13 chooses the best case in the PCMark 10 performance test which measures how well the system does everyday work. The Lenovo Yoga C930 also has the rear laptop 2 and we tested it last year.


Mainly, Laptop 2 PCD is the high roof. The screen is unique in having a natural color symbol and 3: 2 color that we like very much. The quality of the building remains the highest class and we think the design is good – especially when the black module began.

You may get more value for money if you choose, for example, MateBook 13, but we feel that the complete package it delivers is just a little accent over the Chinese competitors. For instance, the model with 8 GB of memory, 256 GB of SSD storage and Intel Core i5 14,490 is a popular choice.

The traditional USB connection at Laptop 2 is well understood, but we feel the lack of USB-C is still a problem that Microsoft should settle at the next release.

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