KFC restaurant opened in Kiev in the House of Trades Unions – network response


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Identify a PR main PR contract to be completed by the official KFC representative in Ukraine

The film is around the five-year opening of KFC's fast food housing in the Craft House in the middle of Kiev, resulting in a ban between law enforcement officers and activists, disturbing her and her worried Ukrainians. In social networks, conversations and wild ideas about issuing permission for a food service are not open.

On Thursday, November 22, a PR-group principal published a contract with the official KFC representative in Ukraine – a & # 39; YUM company! Posts.

Photograph: under the Trade Unions House (С14)

"The KFC office did not hear all the dangers and warnings that we connect to the opening of a restaurant in the House of Trades Unions and the situation states that the" We will deal with ethical levels and company values. In this regard, we stopped working with YUM! "- said in a statement posted on a Facebook page with & Lead director Svetlana Sverchkova.

The company excused all Ukrainians for KFC's conclusions, and also regretted that they were not able to tell investors the importance of memory of the people killed during the Reward Honors .

"We remember and respect the sad events of our Majesty. We took an active part in the Revolution of Faith and share the public's desire for a way European development. We are disturbing all Ukrainians for the KFC conclusions of the museum, the importance of the integrity of the memory of the people killed during Confidentiality, "said Sverchkova.

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Photograph: Trademark House

On the official website of the Ukrainian representative office at KFC, in the comments under the advertisement, people are unsure of ensuring that the restaurant is able to "work on the bones" and also provide adequate admission to set up against a & # 39; opening of a fast food restaurant in the House of Trades Unions:

"I can not understand how you thought about the opening of a new establishment in the House of Trades Unions where people were killed. What did they think about? What were they expected? it's a crack. You can not work at least "…

"It's time to start a flash focus: to come to KFC with" Kentucky Fried Children "," Citiz Fried Friedans "posters and big pictures of the wounded and dead in the House of Trades Unions, so see everyone the institution's visitors ";

"Shitguns in a house where people were burning. And in the company there is a strange humorous notion. I can think of how the leadership disguises itself with laughter:" .. count up, we will open where people were shot 5 years ago. It is so consistent with its name. See in particular the word of a chricket! Ahaha! ";

"KFC. Do you think you're completely with the problems of the question, opening the" fried house "in the House of Trades Unions, where so many people have been killed? So you can Open the burial immediately and earn money. There are good traffic for people for the holidays "…

Screen: facebook.com/KFC.Ucraine

"The Russian company of KFC restaurant opened in the Crafts Unions House on Nezalezhnosti's Maidan. See exhibitors. Entrepreneurs from the" brother country "did not worry a lot -theid. They broke the information in the links on the site. But there were people who went into the Google archive.

Here's what is in the Google archive: https: //webcache.googleusercontent.com/search …

And this is the same thing as the current KFC page: http: //www.kfc-ukraine.com/to-owners-of-land-plots-and-prem … ", says Ayder Mujabaeva on Facebook.

Screen: facebook.com/ayder.muzhdabaev

"As they say – the feeling of the difference. And if you do not feel a fault, then go into there to go to # 39 ;go away.

Screen: facebook.com/ayder.muzhdabaev

In the comments to the message, social network users clearly have opened – and gives permission to him – a fast restaurant in the House of Trades Unions, which has been a number of years ago burning the people who took part in the events Divided Execution:

"They did so, especially on those dates, I know that everything has been agreed in two weeks. But it seems they wanted to do it politely, truly"

"The mosquovites are similar to Muscovites, but our licenses have been given by * bni";

"This case can be broken to the parent company. Many of the media will have released such material";

"And before that, nobody knew what it would be? And if there was no anniversary, everything would have passed. They did not appear immediately, but they allowed your advice to & # 39; home for repairs and other things … changed, Vitali Klitschko? " ;

"Put the dog with him" …

Screen: facebook.com/ayder.muzhdabaev

"Why do our officials make such decisions so sophisticated? How do people who just realize that the world has become so obvious in 15 minutes to get a person- teaching journalism all that is immersed in water? ";

"This is a flavor";

"Does he still work there, or did he already work? What is the latest information?";

"I would look a bit over the FSC, someone gave them rented buildings, agreed permissions and everything";

"Did the e-ukovsky authorities also allow the place in the house?";

"There are no words;

"But the KFC does not have a reservation in an American. Write to kfc about the situation. And there are phones there. Https://www.kfc.com/about/contact-us";

Screen: facebook.com/ayder.muzhdabaev

"What is the question – what kind of animal allowed to open the site?";

"And who is struggling with the United States? Russians are only allowed, but the restaurant rules, although they are employed in Russia, but the CFS, McDonalds and those kings, bringing 60% of the money into the main enterprises., is hired by this company, a & # 39; strive to US investors ";

Screen: facebook.com/ayder.muzhdabaev

"In two months or two, not just chicken selling. There will be a business center with restaurants and shops. Unfortunately, no one needs history" …

Screen: facebook.com/ayder.muzhdabaev

As previously stated, the police activists set out in protest against the opening of KFC's fast food in the construction of the Trades Union House on the Independence Square.

In addition, law enforcement officers published the use of specialist equipment through lawsuits under the Trade Unions House in Kiev – November 21 – earlier C14 protesters stated that police officers had been in charge of police officers; using gas cannons when they were fighting.

Remember that the House of Trades Union ran near the majority of the Trust Trusts Act on February 19, 2014, many people died in the fire.

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