Khaled Anwar shows that he hated his "


Khaled Anwar said he was happy to participate in the series "As if Imbareh" and the reactions of the work, which are currently being displayed on the cbc screen , says he is a It's a great deal of filming.

He inserted in a special statement to "Shosha" that what has been drawn to work as a master of the scriptures, and the different "Marwan" personality, including the previous works, saying that the job was given to him just after filming the "tonight" series about him.

The series is going on about a family that is in a position. live in a catastrophe that lasts for years after her & # 39; their son "Ali" was given during a holiday they took on the beach, and after many years, Ali has appeared again in life, but this looks like her; Rania Youssef, Ahmed Khalil, Mohamed El-Sharnouby, Wafa Sadiq, Hazem Ehab, and a number of other artists by Maryam Naoum, are directed by Hatem Ali.

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