Khanh Hoa: Dozens of landslides have not been processed


The heavy rain caused tropical tropical pressure in the last few days; A large number of problems and landslides have been severely affected by people in Nha Trang. By evening, there is no landslide relief work on Cu Hin Pass on the route that connects Nha Trang City with Cam Ranh Airport completed. The pass is only one way.

At this time, the unit is built on one line and a route from Nha Trang to Cam Ranh, the other side has to go round the National Highway 1A to Nha Trang by Vo Nguyen Giap. Development work has been carried out at the worst landslide on the Cu Hin pass.

However, too many stones drop down the road and so the medicine unit has a problem, the drill construction units need to be used to handle the large rocks. In addition, there are dozens of dozens, Thousands of cubic meters of rubbish throwing down Nha Trang to Cam Ranh Airport have not been processed. It will take many days to break these belts completely.

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