Khloé Kardashian angry with her family?


As every year, the Kardashian family had prepared for Thanksgiving as an incredible dinner served by all members of the clan, except Khloé and the little one True. And although the fans had been expecting the television star to be a Spending the holidays along with his daughter's father, Tristan Thompson, the most funny thing is that the pace is the same as a struggle between the family when this ability rises Khloé be angry with them.

However, herself He used his Twitter account to clear the facts and explain why he did not spend the day with his love. The star He said that the Cleveland Cavaliers athlete could not travel to Los Angeles this year because of his professional responsibilities for the NBA and his / her; criticizes everyone who attempts to "create a drama" that is not relevant in the lives of others, as his case.

"It seems that some have not been heard so far. For the last three years, I have been paying Thanksgiving in Cleveland. I do not know why People are trying to create a drama between my family and me. My sisters and I am totally thank you. Their families have been able to travel this year, but TT (Tristan Thompson ) could have been due to the fact that it is in the middle of the regular season, "he said in the social network.

While you are & # 39; adding another beautiful tweet to each other: "The truth has never been so funny as the stories created by some of you. So we, Thanks, thank everyone, I am. ; think! "On the other hand, these are not the ones that keep the difference between them secret, a case that is; grow near his best in displaying his unbelievable life in the true truth; reflects every day-to-day information.

And in terms of the show, everything seems to show that the differences are kept up with sisters and mothers Khloé Tristan has been in the past, because the last chapters of the show where the athlete's incredible was released were recorded in April, a bit days after she was born.

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