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Khloe Kardashian introduced to Instagram on November 18 to admit that she feels Kim Kardashian was angry at the funny Tristan Thompson quiz screening in the new program of & # 39; KUWTK &

Khloe Kardashian, 34, to the public to see her amazing birth event Maintaining with the Kardashians on November 18 and gave her the Instagram story to share some arms about her 38-year-old sister Kim KardashianSouth Westerly Tristan ThompsonThe movie is wrong, which is featured on the program. Khloe published short fragments of the program that shows Kim a & # 39; comparing himself with Tristan from 27 years to professional dialogue competitions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao because she is being threatened in a boxing game for her work.

"I was the same, this will be like Mayweather and Pacquiao," Kim says in a grid, mentions two major boxing games in 2015. "The Battle of the Century. And I'm Mayweather. So, are you ready?" In another section, Kim throws down and confesses she should wait for a & # 39; sent his opinion to Tristan since he was working on Khloe to give birth to a baby Real at the time. "As long as I want to turn off, I do not think it's the time. So I'll keep it smart," said Kim. Khloe said she was feeling she was feeling she was feeling she was Kim thought that Instagram was going to send a message and some of the emoji faces that were in place; laughing to the clips "Find e Keeks!", Write it alongside one record. "Keeks I love you! I like to see times I lost in real time," write it in another.

Although Khloe is laughing about the church now, Tristan's scandal was right before she was in fact she had a strong and strong weight of weight; she worked. In another click from the expected series KUTWK, Khloe can be seen and spoken; Give reasons why she chose not to handle the scanner away and instead, let Tristan be on the day she spent herself in April. "This is something I've stayed for all my life. I do not want to take something away from this moment, and I've always been convinced that you do not make permanent decisions away from temporary feelings, "she said in a fragment. "And you know what it is? I and Tristan will deal with it and I will be longer."

The new series of Maintaining with the Kardashians airs November 18 onwards E! at 9 / 8c.

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