Khloe Kardashian reveals that she did some of the best things after Tristan Thompson did not. attacking Kardashians' scanning


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Khloe KardashianHe has always been an open book about good and bad.

On Sunday, Khloe cut off Maintaining with the Kardashians who explains his mind about how to do it; trying to stay well in the days before and after the baby's birth, Real Thompson"This is something I'm waiting for all my life," she said to her. camera. "I do not want to take something away from this moment, and I was always sorry" Do not make permanent decisions away from temporary feelings. ""

Follow her explaining she would deal with Tristan Thompson and his crack "in due course." Follow Khloe, "I want to experience this magic moment, and I want to do this for me and to my daughter and him at the end of the day."

One follower commented on his video and he praised Khloe for his clarity and vision of the situation. "This is so good, I've been run by his own car", the user wrote.

The American good founder answered, "Well, I had done it [sic] things are not as good [knife, sweat and fist emojis] The previous day but I needed to get out of my system. Name each place in the hospital. "

Two weeks ago Maintaining with the Kardashians, news about Tristan's unbelief broke across the text message of Kardashian-Jenner family waves. Kris Jenner, The Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian currently working on a plane to be with her sister to give birth to her first child and to support her in Tristan's non-belief conversation.

Before the show appeared in True, it was posted on Twitter about Twitter as it would be her emotional feelings again. "I raised my feelings for her birth and trying to get as much energy as I could. I had the same idea about my daughter's birth," she wrote. "I was not going to let anyone who disturbed anything you'd like. Joyful Love. I got to be full-quality and strong for real."

In another tweet, the Group of revenge A star said she was "proud of my own half for how I spent everything. He gave me the peace and strength I need."

Khloe has been spending a lot of quality time with her family in Los Angeles, but E! Learn news that she and True will be spending Thanksgiving in Cleveland. Resources to E! News, "True is a Thanksgiving October and Khloe wants to celebrate her as a family. It's very important that her family's traditions are true and that she is with her mother and father . "

The lawyer said, "She is still very happy in LA with her family support and is thinking of having back in Cleveland alone to disturb her. She does not Make long-term plans and it's not just getting it out a bit and see what's going on. It's quite different and she's trying to & # 39 , her best to focus on True and all her moody pleasure. Tristan is sad, but this is a True father and that's the most important thing for Khloe. "

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