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The Tristan Thompson quiz screen has been open to everything to be seen on Sunday night program Maintaining with the KardashiansSouth Westerly

How Khloé Kardashian was ready to welcome her first child, the daughter of True Thompson, a couple on April 12 in Cleveland, she still watched the statement that Thomson had been in a position; worried. previous days. Despite this, the mother decided that she wanted to put her feelings together for the birth of her girlfriend.

"It's important for me to keep my birthday plan, because this is something I've stayed for all my life," said Khloé, 34. "I do not to take something away from this moment. I had always been a great disappointment that you do not make permanent decisions from temporary feelings. I want Tristan here with me, I want to get knowledge of this magic era. "

"I want this to me and his daughter, and to him, at the end of the day," she continued. "I'm getting enough to say that. I'm getting enough to put personal feelings. I and Tristan will handle it and I will be longer , when this does not affect our child. "

Mom Kris Jenner and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian sisters came from Los Angeles, and while there were a few minutes in the room in the delivery room, everyone kept quite regular.

"The ghost in the room is calm. I thought there would be more tension," said Kim, 38. "As long as I want to turn off, I do not think That's the time it's. So I'm keeping it smart. I do not have to have a lot of interaction, I have to be there for everything. "

When True was born at 4:00 a.m. – Kris gave her over, and Thompson cut a cut on her band – Khloé had a border with his feelings.

"You're amazing," she looked after. "I have always dreamed of being a mother, and I think I came to the place where I did not know if that was going to happen to me, and so we're in a delivery room – myself, for me to give birth – it's just real. "

"I feel so blessed. This is something I've ever stayed for. I can not wait to meet her and I will not spend her / her life with her. The summary that I met with my daughter – I can not believe that I even say the words & my daughter – I was in love with her. It's just perfect. "

"I was very worried about getting everyone in the hospital room because it was very important and important for me to be a really healthy, happy event," she said. "And everyone put the differences outside for that time. I am very grateful to that. But obviously, there is a big elephant in the room."

Regarding the state of his relationship with Thompson, 27?

"I do not have a focus if we are going together or not," she said. "I'm especially looking at my daughter and getting those months with my daughter and seeing her father as well – that's really real."

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Khloe also talked about how she had previously called the True name, which shows that Kris & # 39; MJ's mother first praised her. (Khloé's great-grandfather was also a real name).

"I knew I was for the first IT letters, because I'm enjoying my original KK letters," she said. "I was at dinner one night at a mum house and there was MJ there and told me that … We continued to go back and B & True, the only man who made the cut really. "

A few days later, Kris and her daughters went back to Cleveland to hold a private debate, with Thompson's camera about the situation.

"Tristan told me that he wants to talk to my sisters and my mother. I have my own feelings because this has happened to me, but my sisters are also feeling and they are really deserving," said Khloe. "When there is a drama, people love to look like," Well, this is my relationship, I do not need to bring people in. "Well, in this family you will be."

"I have always been very honorable that this is not the role of Tristan, and that discussions are not so comfortable for camera," she continued. "Maybe he does not want to be as vulnerable as it would normally be in private. I and Tristan will be dealing with this at a later time, because there are some things in [that are] deeper than being recorded. It gives more time than just a program. "

In addition to everything, the new mom was struggling with her & # 39; The fact that she would also have to deal with the situation that played in the crowd.

"It's harder to deal with it when it's so public. Everyone gives you their ideas and their admirable and unwilling advice," she said. "Even nurses and doctors – all of them, look alongside the whole situation. That's hard, and it's weird."

"It's obvious that it's really good, but I'm not sure how I'm feeling about everything right now," she said. "In two weeks and maybe I'm like, & # 39; You know what you do not trust you and this is not between me. & # 39; No dh & # 39; it could be said, & # 39; This is perfect. Please keep it on. ""

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Back in Los Angeles, Kim Co-cousin Cici Bussey's website about how the conversation with Thompson was filled, acknowledged she could not help but question her if he was enthusiastic. remember.

"Tell me," I am going to; Thinking that you are more comfortable because it affects your position, "she said." I think it's worse than it is. Looking good, as a result of the public … it stole it. And I think it's bigger than that, and I do not know it. tell me there. "

"I think the convo was OK enough at first and then he got heated. I do not know, just left left," she said. . "In general, I think it was essential that we would let out how we were all feeling, and because he was the father of Khloé's father, I was sure for taking the time to hear what he had to say. "

It was even more difficult to do things; Kim was recorded to appear on him Eilidh DeGeneres ShowSub-Unfortunately, she was asked about Thompson and introduced her "so built" activities. When she later called her sister to take her heads, Khloé hit her face.

"He's got up. And it's a whole piece of," she said. "Honestly, you can be feeling but you want, but I need another – deal with the moment."

But Kim's interview did not go well with Thompson, and when Khloé told his sister that he thought she was a "entertainer," Kim was angry.

"I did not put it on Instagram. It should be surprised," she did to Kourtney, 39. "I wrote literally to [Khloé] and he said, & Show, let us go to it; change subject. I love you and I support you, but I've done it with it. Over it. She should have to stand her place. "

But Kourtney was more comfortable, especially because she had been through something like Scott Disick.

"She should do what is in the heart and she should give her second chance – if that's what makes her family better, I've been there," said Kourtney.

"It's not reasonable," Kim said.

"I do not think his goals are right. I do not think he's changing," said Kourtney. "But I just say that if she wants to feel that she is trying to heart and she knows she is doing her most Well, I do not think there's anything wrong about it. I think it's getting a lot more strength to hang in there. and try your family just to go away. "

Finally, Kim stopped.

"I do not feel sorry about anything, but I usually do not look after it," she said. "Whatever she's happy. I'll stay out of the road."

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