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Khloe Kardashian is closing down his anxiety!

On Friday night, Kendall Jenner was seen playing with Khloe's shoes, Tristan Thompson when he was at a court side at her; The Cleveland Cavaliers match against Philadelphia 76ers, which causes naturally to predict fans that Tristan and her younger brother have severe blood.

But True Thompson's mother, who was present at his Saturday game against Houston's Rockets, laughing from the facts about acrimony.

"Look at my baby heckler," wrote her in response to broadcasting on Kendall travel. "Kenny is dying to try to try the bottom below! #ItDidntWork."

This has inspired to just ask why Khloe is so tough about the situation after episodes from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" have been quite uncertain about Tristan's & # 39; claiming allegations just like her daughter was born.

"I'm disturbed by tweets @ khloekardashian," wrote the follower. "One moment she wants TT out, and she has a life-saving, and she laughs at her sisters who laughs. I just want to find out, find out where we are standing Koko and so I know how I'm feeling! "

Khloe responded to explaining that the display is `#; Announcement of events that has been several months ago and noted that Kendall was just a " climbing for 76ers Ben Simmons player, who has been connected to him since the summer.

"What he did was f ** ked up and disgusting," she replied, describing Tristan. "What you've looked over is over seven months old. We've been overwhelmingly helping us. My sister was watching the HERMAN Playing against my face … I usually try to face the team. "

It is clear that Khloe stands next to Tristan! And this is not the first time in her last days she is loyal to her daughter's father. When she celebrated a Celebration Presentation in Cleveland, fans were sure that someone was falling out with her family. She then sent it to Twitter to clear the air.

"Y & # 39; all that is now accessible," write it. "I spent 3 years in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure why people trying to create a drama between my family and me. My sisters and I are Very beautiful! All their families were able to travel but TT is in the season, it can not. "

According to a director, Khloe went out for a Christmas holiday, which is a great event for the new family.

"Khloe put a really grateful dinner in Cleveland along with Tristan. This Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is special to the couple because this is True's first," a source told ET. "There were several relatives to come with them and they indicated what they are grateful for this year: True."

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