Khoudia MBAYE wants to work in the agreement


"Let all of us be fighting together for the benefit of the country, I think we're all in the same boat and we all need to build Senegal to the countries that Coming out, by 2035 ", persuaded, responding to questions from the Parliament's members when they are going to; considering its department's budget.

The budget assigned to this ministerial department for the 2019 regulation is set at a sum of 25 billion 701 million 135,000 500 FCFA, against 9 billion 488 million 970,000 FCFA in 2018.

The CFAF therefore increased 16 billion 212 million 165,000 400, in total value and 170.85% in comparative value.

"I do not say everything is best in our country, but I say we have registered an adult leap from 2012," said Khoudia Mbaye.

She said Senegal has been designated today as one of the leading emerging countries in Africa. "We do not say it's enough, but we say we need to go quickly, and I think we have accelerated pace," she said.

Khoudia Mbaye says that his department is well presented to develop business climate, to attract "reinforced foreign" foreign investors. "We expect to keep those efforts," she promised.

The Minister for Investment Promotion will also ensure that Senegal has recorded results in a range of activities. eliminating administrative documents and the development of information and communications technology.


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