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It is not secret that Kia has big plans for the new Ceed. Plenty of carcasses, carriages and brakes are insufficient. It turns the fourth version on it that will not disturb even the dusty roads.

The first published image shows clearly that…  t

The work is clearly printed
recommend that not only the pain based on the new Ceed series
with raised and plastered cover. It gets much more independent

Author: Kia

Kia predicted the fourth episode of Ceed's body
Motor Geneva Exhibition. However, electricity was a priority in Palexpa halls
Seoul and Imagine with the concept of Kia's electric vehicle. So you're ahead
The Korean car manufacturer does later. But she is coming as she says
published first edition. After her death, the Sportswagon estate and a hunting trophy
Proceedings is a series of cross-series. And it doesn't seem to be just plastic and
a greater version of a standard 5 door model. The sketch clearly shows that it is
Ceed Crossver is new self-regulatory design.

Apart from the large wheels, fully-fitted cottages with huts
with a remarkable chrome chrom. This is borne out by the words
Gregory Guillaum, Vice President, European Design Kie. There is another man
style and type of vehicle we think is deserved to be new
family member Ceed. His career will be stronger and greater
more interesting to European users. The design will be different
current models. It'll be a big surprise to you
to enjoy. "

Unfortunately, Kia has not published the news. Even the first date.
Indeed, the hallmark is not the name of the new model. We find out. T
along with other information throughout the year. most
however, your first visit might be September
The Frankfurt Motor Show. It will fill the gap between the smaller ones in the market
Very fun Stonic and Sporting. There may be engines under the food
1.4 MPI (73 kW), 3-cylinder T-GDi 1.0 (88 kW), 4-cylinder 1.4 1.4 T-GDi (103 kW) and
diesel 1.6 CRDi (85, 100 kW).

But one secret story remains. It is said to be owned by the Ceed family
five members. It's not a 3-door coupe, a convertible device or an MPV.
We will also probably be able to find out the answer this year.

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