Killing of pedestrians in Quang Ninh General Hospital


(Justice) – Although the emergency cleaner was active, but the male patient jumped from the 5th floor at the Quang Ninh General Hospital in the morning.

Original information, at about 0pm on November 22, has a patient named H. (aged 36, who lives in Cam Pha, Quang Ninh) has cancer cure at Quang Ninh General Hospital He climbed through the window and jumped from the 5th floor to the ground to die.

Killing of pedestrians in Quang Ninh General Hospital

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Depending on the evidence, before the event, H. a colon cancer treatment is in room 9, 5th floor, D29, a hospital illness. Affecting when people are not aware, Mr H. climbed through the room window and jumped to the ground.

When a case was found, the doctors took to an emergency room, but the victim did not survive.

Representative of Mr H.'s hospital in hospital on 31st October with a review Cancer Broad-genetic distribution. On 8/11, attack patients arrested the collar and was inspected, treated in room 9, 5th floor and radiation cure at the Hospital Cancer Center.

"This is an offense the police told police attention," said the hospital head.

Authorities continue to & # 39; case study.

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