Kim Hyung-il "" Gladiator "was the nickname selected for living" t[리와人드]


Kim Hyungil
Gladiator is # 39; Kim Hyung-il attracts a commemorative picture after interviews with Seoul Sport. Journalist email [email protected]

Lee and the Deed & # 39; a mixture of the English word 'rewind & # 39; who are waking up and the kanji the person, which means people, and is a corner that aims for the old and the present players to play a separate part of t As he was in his job.<편집자주>

[글·사진 | 스포츠서울 이용수기자] "I'm retired. I'm not a big man, and I don't want to say hello as in my official job. There are lots of players who can't say hello and hello!" I just wanted to see you and thank you. "

Kim Kim Hyung-il (34), known as the K-League's "hero", Kim Hyung-il, who continued his professional career at Thai last year, decided to retire. T in January. He was first in Daejeon in 2007 and has been professional for 11 years last year. He has won two K-League competitions and two European League Championship Championships in the European Federation. Followers who remember him appear regret because he is a quiet silence for K-League defenders. However, he does not think that he has a particular retirement and is preparing his second life. I hope to return my love to football fans and the K-League.

That Now I have retired, Kim Hyung-il

Kim, who retired in January, spoke to his younger brother, "Goal Ale," and said he had an interest in football in general. He said, "I have two early football meetings and I meet the public and I have a keen interest in football, I don't want to enjoy football as a hobby, but I don't think I have to." I want to do well, I think it would be good if I could teach a football to the public. "I am allowed at level C now, I thought I could teach it enough."

However, Kim Hyung-il, who still portrays the future, decided not to manage the public. I had just two experiences of Goal Ale, and I was in the future. It was because he decided to take up his appointment suddenly because he did not set up the correct path after his retirement. Kim Hyung-il said, "I recognized the team after last year's season. There was room to come from abroad but it didn't work well at the contract level. T As I was thinking, the situation didn't seem to flow, so I decided with my job that I was thinking it shouldn't t for me. "

I got some advice to go to the next market as I was releasing. However, Kim Hyung-il said, “We have now made a decision,” he said. We are thinking about what we will do if we think we should make a choice and make a choice for the future, rather than making a group. "

2009 FIFA Korea Football Tournament Cup into FC Seoul - POHANG Steelers
Kim Hyung-il (left) throws himself in the ball and handles his death ahead of the enemy. Choi Reporter Seung-seop [email protected]

Kim Kim Hyung-il was born with the name 'Gladiator';

Kim Hyung-il was a well-known defender who was not thinking of great struggle in his executive role. If an invader who had come into his defense area would be against the boy at large and the member would not be able to address the goal. In the final round of ACL in the Shanghai 2016 Super Bowl run, there was a mystery that it was hidden from a very rough defender.

Kim Hyung-il said, "He was an attacker to the second. But he wasn't talented as an attacker. At the time, I was turned into a proposed defense by Lim Jong-heon, but not a quick, I could only live in my body. I had to make a corpse (an opponent) after all I got the nickname "gladiator" for not having I broke into the body immediately because I was not good enough.

Kim Hyung-il stated that he became a hard defense worker as he was unable to own himself, but his struggle arose as a result of good training. He came to Pohang in 2008 and learned a lot from him. At that time, Cogonwan and Hwang Jae-winning were standing on line in Pohang and were a good book for Kim Hyung-il. After Pohang, Jeongbuk also met with Cho Sung-hwan and Kim Hyung-il reported that he really learned his mind.

“When I was at Jeonbuk, it was so hard at Seoul's trip that I had a rat in my calf. I was defending and protecting myself, and I had a rat in my calf. I was going to go out. # 39; “I can play, I can play,” he said. When it falls into a game, it will be quite different, outside the earth, it is actually, and it is totally utterly when he goes into the center, so I have a spiritual mind too, so I ran into it, after Lee, played for Lee Seong-hyung. I was able to play for you. "But he does not yet know he has been paid for that at that time. One of the mental powers of mind, I learned properly to the hyeonghyeong."

Kim Hyungil
Gladiator is # 39; Kim Hyung Il interviews with Seoul Sport. Journalist email [email protected]

Ization Frias Auss remembers without any interview

In 2009, Pogio was led by Sergio Farias. Farias is the main character of Parias Magic since 2007, when Pohang won the K-League title. Kim Hyung-il, who has been in Poolewe gear since 2008, has grown under the management of Farias. But Farias was the coach and the other he was used to so far. Unlike his close domestic culture of working in control inside and out of the playground, the Faris coach gave his players freedom. Faris Asc was a big step in the K league until it won the ACL award in 2009 and left the team.

"I was the first foreign coach in a Pohang. When I was in Daejeon I spoke to Choi Yoon-kum many times. But Pohang did not even speak and I didn't know how to think I was confused at first, but I was naturally talking when I was talking about the coaches that my brothers were not communicating with. I spoke to Farias on the day he left the team after finishing the 2009 Club World Cup. The question is then, "What do you think I'm going to do?" what should I do about my play. "

In 2009, Pohang built the Korea Cup of Peace and the title ACL. The league also came to an end in second place, and unfortunately didn't meet the problem. It showed a Pohang that showed good standards, so it was difficult to understand how to teach Faris as a player. However, this was the result of a news that Kim Hyung-il was able to play faithfully with the Faris coach.

“I suppose the director believed me. During the 2008 league I got enteritis. I suffered with enteritis the day before the game and I visited the bedroom many times during that day. I had to go to the hospital in the morning to explain the situation to the team doctor as there was a game at night. I have stopped bowling disease, but I thought it would harm my team if I could run them. But Farias coach said, "You can run. He said," Just as you believe, you run. "Although I am not a body, I have a faith in me, and let me run, and my mind has changed since then."

Kim Hyung-il (right) is head-to-head with a leading opponent against the first leg of the ACL final against Yodkor on 23 September, 2009. (Sport Seoul DB)

Isode An overseas tour event has been repeated by an experienced ACL beneficiary

Kim Hyung-il built two ACL winners in Pohang and Jeonbuk. He was an active player on the team who was the candidate for the competition, and often left overseas. It was also common to leave for a country with poor infrastructure such as the Middle East. He was introduced to other cultures, and remembered his most memorable relics.

"It's about when I go on a tour to the Middle East. After the game I put up a plane that was coming back to Korea. At the time of the flight, but not just our crew, people were t At the same time, the plane took a while, but, as soon as the plane left, he said he had a problem, and I was looking at the thing that I didn't know at the time. A plane was flying out into the hall and they prayed in the air with a loud voice, and it was like a dead person, I was looking at the new scene, but the situation was in t So heavy was the air that the athletes had suffered, but the plane returned safely to Korea.

Kim Hyungil
Gladiator is # 39; Kim Hyung-il attracts a commemorative picture after interviews with Seoul Sport. Journalist email [email protected]

Memories Kim Hyung-multiplayer Memories abroad "Negative + fun fun late"

Kim Hyung Il moved to Guangzhou Evergreen at the end of 2016, when he played in Jeonbuk. It was my first real advance. There has been a lot of love but the situation and the situation didn't meet, they were all rejected. He ran swiftly to China by air and had a six-month short-term contract with Guangzhou. "I thought it was my last opportunity when this proposal came," he said. "The day before the contract came, the clan chief in China said he would go to see me. I was upset during the evening. I am going to arrive I saw in China, so I decided to leave. I was thinking I could go to China and show my skills and move to another team. ” t

But breaking a bad news. When Guangzhou left the country in order to prepare Portugal for the 2017 season, the Sad problem started and the relationship between Korea and China began suddenly. Here, the problem grew as Chinese football destroyed the Asian cup. He has his place to play. At that time there were many heavy strikers such as Pauline, Arcan Carvalho and Ricardo Gulrat in Guangzhou. After all, Kim would have to return to Korea without playing one game. Kim Hyung-il said, "We did not meet well at the time of the move. Even when they were playing in Poolewe, there were many suggestions in the Middle East and China. T at that time there was no precedent where a foreign player would go to the game so that he could not decide to move, Select Denilson, who had a good reputation in Pohang, also Uzbekistan, not Middle East, but I tried to win the skill, I think I'm getting over.

Kim Hyung-il, who returned to Bucheon in June 2018, wanted to go abroad as a free agent. Kim Hyung-il, who spent six months on moving to the Navy, the Thailand navy, reminiscent of the memory, "I was in trouble with the Thai players who didn't play against her." T But in Thailand, it was good to play football, I learned how I enjoyed being in football that I couldn't enjoy. the challenges posed by the effects of defeat and loss in Korea. "

Kim Hyungil
Gladiator is # 39; Kim Hyung-il attracts a commemorative picture after interviews with Seoul Sport. Journalist email [email protected]

◇ "I have retired. I want to visit you and welcome you"

Kim Hyung-il, not seen in the K-League, has often asked questions about retiring when he meets ordinary people who are like football today. T . Kim replied, "It's right to go." Kim decided to resign without her team, so Kim completed her retirement career. But this was difficult about this. "There are lots of players who can't say hello and retreat. I'm not a big man, but I don't think I need to write with God. like this."

He has played in the K league for a long time, so he wanted to give his K-League support a K-League. "I want to return my love in any way." I am ready to accept all the recommendations in the K-League, "he said." I have a lot of time to visit Daejeon, Pohang, Jeonbuk, Bucheon and K-League.
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