Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dad for a quarter time: another man comes


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have at least two years of changing diapers. Coming soon they will become snakes for their & # 39; fourth time, as confirmed by the United States media. Like the small Chicago, 1, sent a & # 39; Couple declared a crust leavers with the only mother made by the "Chi" baby. The boy on the road joins Saint, 3 and the eldest daughter, North, 5.

Kim decided to excellence after two natural poems. When she was born in Saint, in 2015, she made doctors Important warning: not one additional child. Due to & # 39; When she suffered a placenta accreta when she was pregnant, this is a major move to the uterine wall and preeclampsia, the appearance of arterial breakdown and proteinuria. A dangerous combo that caused her to look for another way when she decided to be a mom again.

Although he was afraid of his / her first place, Kardashian said that the experience had been on his / her; harassed rent is very satisfied. "I really enjoyed the inconvenience process." When he came to food, food, I thought "This is My best decision & # 39;"he said, in a note in May, describing the difficult work that he has caused, which" Chi "did not happen.

At that time, the most difficult thing was to find the right woman to carry the baby, a special case especially for Kim and Kanye, the best known in the world. "Being an agent is much harder than you can think, you must make sure that your lifestyle is healthy and you need to do psychological tests. I think everything is all about; for a reason. The proxy representative who was very fond of me and someone is so good, it's very easy to talk to and is perfect for us, "she said, for a long time.

Star truth and the rapper was not yet happy about their social networks.

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