Kim Kardashian, Kanye West: Inside their private jet


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West received a large private plane with a double bed.

They both disappeared in a style on 747 swanky private jets Kim, 38, shared images and videos of her 120 million reports SunshineSouth Westerly

In a series of videos, the three-thirds looked at her superb with a tour of the impressive carriage.

Talk to fans with Kanye West's person; coming, she said: "There's not a lot, just 747 privately – this is what it does now, just 747. Private."

She said: "I have never heard about this but whatever it was."

Kim is going to & # 39; gives a dream of sleeping sleep, which shows a double double bed, well done.

The star goes on to say: "So you just know our room for the long flight. Wonderful, uncertain.

"So this is 747 Private-like people. I had not been before that, so I'm like," Oh my God, there are dormitories everywhere. ""

When she continues to & # 39; walk around the big place, the Hold up with the Kardashians Star clearly with what she did.

"There is not much more but a cooling room, this is like to be unfinished."

The pair also took an essential part with them on the plane.

"We have taken our train on the plane long ago so we can work out here."

In another section, Kim and the Melissa trapper can make lungs down one of the broad corridors.

And the size of its & # 39; ending Kim's going to & # 39; It appears that it is also double, fitted with its own dining room.

"This is uncertain," she said.

In the last band she split a picture of her husband working on her; He had a phone call at a board that she gave out: "Yeezy's fleeting office."

Luxury and friendly travel came straight after he told that she was ecstasy high during her prestigious species failure by the old Ray J.

The truth star introduced to her sister Kendall on a recent series Hold up with the KardashiansSouth Westerly

Conversation with the Victoria & Secret Secret and Scott Disick model, Kim talked about the previous party life days.

She said: "I married ecstasy the first time."

And she even gave her famous sex failure in 2003 with Ray J for the same drugs.

Follow her: "One time I did, married me. I made it again and made a fault of sex.

"Mar, all bad things happened."

Scott said: "You were very scared when you did that type of failure?"

And the mother of the three suggested: "Indeed! Everyone knows it. I had a rash to scratch all the time."

Kim's classification with Kim J's classic class failure became famous when it was demolished in 2007.

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