Kim Kardashian says "Be Married On Ecstasy" on "KUWTK": Watch


Kim Kardashian liked the most recent details of the latest episode of the latest program of Maintaining with the Kardashians Sunday night (November 25).

Kardashian discussed his famous wildlife days by Scott Disick and sister Kendall Jenner, back when she was famous for marrying with social groups such as Paris Hilton. After Disic was raised, Kardashian had probably got up and went to Disney World, she revealed that her drug use was a go more than just once at the acting park.

"I married ecstasy," said Kardashian about her first marriage to the musician Damon Thomas. "Once and once I married, I did it again and made a fault of sex. Like everything that happened."

"You were high ecstasy when you made the genetic failure?" You may be asked in fish, describing its & # 39; Kardashian's well-known video by the singer Ray J in 2003. "Indeed," said Kardashian. "Everyone knows it. I had a rash to scratch all the time."

Despite the amazing conversation, Kardashian made clear to Disick and Jenner that the "wild level" of the late teenagers is behind him, clarify that she "is not so much more."

Check out a fragment of Kim's message KUWTK below.

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