Kim Kardashian spoke about the compromise made between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott


A few days ago, Kylie Jenner's supporters in social networks debate about the ability that the rapper was incredulous for her lover and her first daughter's mother, The erosion of a poor and unbelievable image It seemed like to show Travis Scott with a woman. But now everything has turned completely differently into turn and the jailies are different from each other, that is why Kim Kardashian I talked about it.

Kylie had a statue sharing his Instagram Stories a & # 39; let them know about secret wedding. In addition, the business has mentioned how her husband and he did the same. Indeed, the reports reached her oldest sister, who gave some of the statements that could bring some of the rights to this theory.

I just need to ask this about this. This is the first question; ask me in the family of our messengers Bean Kanye The west to Entertainment Tonight before it reveals that everything could be unintentional. We've been talking about the way here and I'm going to; think it's just how they deal with each other, but the truth I do not have to think about.

And although Travis does not have much presence in the networks, he has highlighted that he was already a & # 39; visited Instagram to attack the unrestricted trunks to disqualify him that he was unhappy with his companion.

I need to find it in my own way. I do not know if I'm & # 39; I'll give you the news if it happens, but I'll definitely get out. I just need to ask him, "Kim said in the same interview.

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