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Kyodo "North is to continue talks with the United States for wants

North Korea is overtaking the president of the West Sea tsunami campaign to maintain the interest of US President Donald Trump. Kim Jong-bird's state secretary is South Korea's real mission to restart transport with the United States.

Kyodo News from Japan said diplomas from China said on 12 December, "Reconstruction is a political reconstruction from North Korea of ​​the publication of Sunami missiles on the west coast of Scotland". to keep Mr Trump interested. "

The diplomat said, "We learned two things: last month, after the second Korea-top summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, North Korea is not willing to nuclear weapons. T and they are keen to build economic sanctions in North Korea Before the Hanoi conference, officials from North Korea were very optimistic about the agreement. "It means it would be an advantage t real problem of economic sanctions being compromised if Korea achieved its nuclear resources at Yongbyon.

Kim Jong-one is taking the chair at the official reception held on March 1, 2019 in the Hanoi Palace in Hanoi, the day after the second meeting of the United States of Korea. / Yonhap News

Diplomas left some of the expectations that North Korea could launch new missiles in a few months. "Kim Jong-un will be a suicide act," he said. "It doesn't seem to allow Kim to strengthen the punishments against the United States."

The spokesman said: "When the Hanoi Talks collapsed and he asked Korea officials to start their negotiations with the USA soon, they answered" I don't. T

Kyodo said he knew the situation in Pyongyang saying, "The Korea's ultimate goal is to keep Kim's descendants." If North Korea's penalty pays the Korea economy more difficult t To the north, the people of North Korea grow in trust. Kim Jung-bird may also be at risk. "

The well said, "Kim Jong-bird wants to continue talks with President Trump to avoid such a situation and hopes that sanctions will be kept as soon as possible. T United States. "" He said.

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