Kim Na-òg, separated directly "My husband broke up and trusts … live with two children"


[스포츠서울 이게은기자] The broadcaster Kim Na Young was arrested after four years of marriage.

On the 29th, Kim Na Young published his marriages through his YouTube channel & No Filter TV.

Kim Na-òin has been in front of her face with her face; getting more dinner without a maker and opened a statement saying, "I'm starting a new life with my two sons because I can not be with my husband because I have I missed her missing. "

"I'm scared and I'm scared to build my two sons on my own, but my mother is excited. I moved to a little nest, thanking those who gave me confidence while I was struggling. I'm going to live with my child every day. "

Kim Na Young was the one who was 10 years old in 2015 and took hold of his son the following year. Last July, the second son also caught.

On the other hand, in November last year, the person was arrested by Kim Na Young in suspicion that he was a legal breach of a financial investment business and his / her; opening gambling. It was reported that a complainant was raised about a private construction company without the permission of the Finance Directorate and to achieve an unfair disadvantage of around 20 billion.

◆ Now, Kim Na-òg is an induction expert

Hello. It's Kim Na Young. I wanted to tell my subscribers my story, and I turned on the camera.

I'm going to start a new life with my two sons because I can not be getting older together. My trust has been broken by my husband; believe completely.

It is frightening and frightening to build two sons alone, but she is confident because she is a mother. My move was to a small nest, giving thanks to the people who gave me confidence long ago; And I was getting a hard time. I'm going to live with my two children today.

Find out what I can do well and open the YouTube & No Channel TV channel; again. Help me. Thank you.

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