Kim Porter And Diddy's Son Quincy Brown Patient Poles about her lasting mother | Famous people


Kim Porter death has affected everyone but it is clear that those who knew it and their worst family were.

Diddy, among others, has been pouring out all feelings over a woman who has many been known as "stranger to anyone." Now, Porter's older brother-brother is a appearing publicly to pass his mother.

Quincy Brown, Porter's first child Albert Joseph Brown (Al B. Sure!), He gave Instagram to write a heart message for his mother.

"I'm broken … and the only thing that makes sense right now and that you were so good for the foolish world we are living," Quincy is caught under a shot and his mother. "I love you so much as MOMMY. Give me Mee-Maw the biggest fight and kiss for me."

At 47 years of age, Diddy's friend and three of his family's mother died on Thursday (November 15). The Los Angeles creator wants "additional investigation" into the model and death of his actress. The cause of her current Ph.D. is "convicted" for further exams. It was reported previously that Porter was receiving a medical treatment for a great deal; behaviors before she died.

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