Kim Tae Hee is very new in Vietnam, but his man, Bi Rain, has been watching attention Star


Kim Tae Hee and Rain appeared together at their one-day airport, and # 39; imposing undesirable fans.

Today (November 22), the reporter gave photographs of Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee when they were present at the Incheon International Airport. Kim Tae Hee had a visit to Vietnam for attending a brand event, but the most spectacular are Bi Rain present at his airport.

But hey he is he who he - 1

Kim Tae Hee is at his airport to Vietnam.

But hey he is he he e - e

This is an unusual appearance from birth.

How old are you to achieve your dreams?

Kim Tae Hee, despite her birth but the spirit and appearance are still very handsome.

I know how to keep up with a new life promise - 4

She caught her eye as soon as she came.

Many think Rain is a supporter for the S country but is not the truth. There was a water at the airport but it came to Singapore on the album itself.

But hey he himself e - e

On the same day, Rain came to the airport too.

I know it's old but it's so young, it's so cure!

Many people believe he was "supporting" to the woman to the event.

I know it's old but it's so young, it's so cure!

In fact Rain has its own record.

Offered at the airport, Kim Tae Hee drew "mamma milk" when she appeared in a simple way. She had been innovated by my camera. Many of the storytellers Kim Tae Hee are still so beautiful: stormy, women and friendly.

I know how I stay up to the & # 39; promise to stay in the water - 8

Kim Tae Hee was praised for a relaxed smile.

I know it's old but it's so young, it's so cure! - 9

Vietnam fans are looking forward to being able to go to. Joining Kim Tae Hee in the country of S.

It's known six years since Kim Tea Hee came to Vietnam to promote the film My princess along with actor Song Seung Hun. So, this re-collection of the Cornish pearl screen has a great deal of attention to the audience. In addition, this is also the official work that Ms. Rain has often been born.

It's not Kim Tae Hee, not Hyo Song Kyo, who's in the beauty of Europe's beauty

No one wants to be denied that Jang Nara is young "to" break "parts of Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo.

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