Kim, Yeon-back, "When I was wearing a military uniform, I had a uniform" on the 5th year of the Cannon


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Unite Minister, Kim Yeon-head, the head of the Union's Research Institute, is holding a press conference at North Headquarters in Seoul on 8 July.

Union Minister Kim Yeon-Ìle is said to have evaluated the appearance of a political leader and a coalition of democratic coalition as a show in 2015. Kim also pointed out that there is no convincing evidence that Korea. Northern side opposes demolition of DMD (North DMZ) of North Korea Area.

On 26 March 2015, Kim spoke on his social media when a fifth of the Cannon, a former president of the opposing party, and wearing army uniforms and visiting Ganghwa Island was discussed. William reported on the Marine Group at the time and said, "Cheonan is a North Korea." Kim wrote, "I'm dressed and I'm wearing Shona." "I hope the politicians will be heavy," he said in the article. "I hope that the challenging party will move away from the turbulent situation in our strategy for setting and that it will take into account the truth of defense."

On August 27, 2015, it was said that "seeing a common assessment that North Korea has not proven for the profit of a North foreign mine mine" (North Korea) is a common assessment. During this period, two Northern Navy officers were injured as a result of events in North Korea. However, Kim said, "Most land mines were located to the south, based on the MDL."

Kim also wrote on social media in April 2017 when he was controversial among the sovereign candidates, Moon Seung-min and Park Seung-min, the previous president. “I believe it is not the job of the president to do such a job,” he said when he was asked the DPRK as the main driver in the president's debate. Kim, "Who is the main subject, then who is the secondary person?" "The main controversy is not involved with security. And who is it? And what secondary school is Yu Seung-min thinking about in China? "

Kim stressed how the headteacher was bothered. On 31 March 2015, on Facebook, he introduced a story behind him to take part in a debating society which has developed and progressive figures. "Most of the progress and conversational dialogue," He wrote.

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