King Crab Daren draws 200 million away. Artists will Thousands of investments – Zhongshi News


Wu Yizhan's 7 live series, known as the "Emperor Crab" with media, including 3 high heat heat banners including Xiao Dang, Daxie and Meishi, and two other Chinese stores in the mainland of China, It attracts 600 shareholders to invest. There were 200 million yuan, unexpectedly, at the end of May this year, when a Breeze division in the United States opened in early June, he can leave staff salary, close in September, the six other small ones, Daxie, Wu Yizhan closed in early September, while the shares admit that they disable assets public, they say that this will be good, but they have lost information.

According to "Mirror Weekly", many shareholders introduced that it was a normal debt to stay in Taiwan, and money has entered the mainland. He was charged with the escape, fraud and breach of trust.

Niu Bingyuan, a leading executive officer and one of the shareholders, told Mirror Weekly that the Lanzhouqing Lantern artist invested the RMB 14.5 million investment and the other artist Shi Shi & RMB 750,000 investment too. Lan Wenqing has sent a letter to Wu Yizhan through a lawyer, asking Wu to pay the money back as soon as possible, or if he does not pay the formal attention out.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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