"King" died the Halva Kostas Katrachia


The historian's businessman FarsalaSouth West It is Kosta Katarhia, called the "King" halva, which has been a symbol of doing for decades. He died in the 83 years after he had health problems.

He released his sadness of death in the Fthiotida business community, where he had a strong activity as well as his family, who had been living in Kamena Vourla since the early 1980s.

Those who met Kostas Katrachia talked about a fair business and just did not scare a competition and did not let her go; produce. Although he was loyal to his heritage, he followed a business course and came to his halva at the Thessaloniki International Show.

Continuing with his work is his son and his son; Another part of his family, who gave him a special taste in all parts of the country, because at every fair, Katakahia's sweetheart smells a special smile; traditional business.

There is no decision to inform the people who visit Mars in advance to try the famous Halva. So, Kostas Katrachias on Halvah made one of the items that should be bought at home.

It is indicative that even the mission of traveling delegates and Serbian journalists who visited France in late September would be his home guests. stopped in Katarakhia to try out the famous hawk and see how it was done.

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